Flowering houseplants | You want these 10 at home!

Flowering houseplants are back. They no longer stand alone in front of your grandmother’s window, they fit into any interior. Flowering plants bring your living room to life and create a unique, cheerful atmosphere.

In general, a flowering plant likes an extra drink of water and they demand attention. The reward for this is great: beautiful flowers in all kinds of colors of the rainbow.

Most flowering houseplants are available at any garden center or florist. The ten we highlight here are no exception. They are all beautiful flowering houseplants. With beautiful flowers in various colors, from pink to purple and from white to deep dark red.

Some flowering houseplants spread a wonderful, fresh scent in your living room. Almost always that smell is caused by the beautiful blooming flowers. If you have a houseplant that blooms profusely, it is not inferior to a beautiful bunch of flowers. And we all know how happy that makes us!

1. Orchid

White mini orchid
White mini orchid

An orchid is a plant of which we can say: you love it or you hate it. It is a houseplant that you can enjoy for months. We can also call it a graceful houseplant, which sometimes blooms for up to two months. In the orchid, the leaves are subordinate to the flower.

Orchid: not much water, no drafts

The orchid’s colored stamens give it a unique appearance, along with its soft petal. Most flowering plants like a drink, but the Orchid, also called phalaenopsis, does not need much water. The orchid does not like drafts either.

2. Bromeliad

A colored bromeliad has flowers that grow straight up. The beautiful flowers continue to bloom for a long time, so you can enjoy this flowering houseplant for months. A bromeliad is available in various cheerful colors, so that it fits almost any interior.

Bromeliad: strong and easy

Of all types of flowering houseplants, this is one of the strongest. You water the bromeliad in its chalice, which you have in different colours. It is a happy plant that likes light, but should not be placed in direct sunlight.

3. Hibiscus

We also call a hibiscus the Chinese rose. Although this plant looks nice and tropical, direct sunlight is not a good idea. As its name suggests, the origin of the hibiscus lies in China. Its ‘brother’ the garden hibiscus is evergreen and a bonus tip for the garden.

Hibiscus: tropical and large

So do not place the Chinese rose in full sun when it is in full bloom. He does like wet feet: the soil of the hibiscus should always feel moist. The flowers of these flowering houseplants have striking colours.

4. Spathiphyllum

We know the Spathiphyllum in our country as a spoon plant. Not such a strange name, because the spoon plant has flowers in the shape of white spoons. Like most houseplants with blooming flowers, the spoon plant loves moist soil.

Spoon plant / Peace lily
Spoon plant / Peace lily

Spoon plant or peace lily

Wet soil, that’s because this flowering houseplant originally comes from the rainforest. It is therefore really impossible that you give these plants too much water. Great, because that makes the spoon plant one of the easiest houseplants. Did you know that we also call this houseplant peace lily? If you have anything to do with someone…

5. Anthurium

An anthurium has beautiful flowers. These flowering houseplants are available with different colored calyxes. An anthurium is also called a flamingo plant. The beautiful flowering houseplant probably owes this name to the color of the calyxes.

Anthurium: slightly moist soil

The soil of the Anthurium should always feel slightly moist. Like many flowering houseplants, the anthurium likes a light rain shower, in which you can put it in the garden every now and then. The plant comes back into the living room brightened up.

6. Hydrangea

You may know the hydrangea more as garden plants, but these flowering houseplants also like it in the living room. The hydrangea needs good care and does not like a place above the heating. The soil should remain slightly moist. If a hydrangea is in full sun, the leaves will turn brown.

Hydrangeas are more than garden plants

You can influence the color of the flowers of this houseplant by taking care of and playing with the acidity of the soil. For example, you get a hydrangea with a deep blue color: a real eye-catcher.

Blue and pink Hydrangea
Blue and pink Hydrangea

7. Gardenia

A beautiful houseplant with large white flowers that smell is the Gardenia, or Cape Jasmine. This flowering plant has its roots in Japan and China. It is a plant that likes light and even allows the amount of buds it creates to depend on the amount of light it gets. No full sun, that’s too much of a good thing.

Cape Jasmine: lime-free and light.

The Gardenia is also a garden plant, but we are talking about the variant for the living room; a real indoor plant. This flowering plant likes plant food, but not lime. It is therefore advisable to use lime-free soil if you want to repot it.

8. Strelitzia

One of the most graceful houseplants is the Strelitzia. With its orange and deep purple, the flower catches the eye. And not only because of the shape, which gives it its name bird of paradise plant. You can see a bird’s beak in it without imagination. Do you need care tips for the Strelitzia? In addition to water, this plant likes liquid fertilizer.

Strelitzia blooms after eight years!

The Strelitzia likes a light rain shower. The plant sprayer gives the same effect. If you have a cutting, you have to be patient: this plant only gets its beautiful flowers after about eight years. The flowering period is in autumn and the bud produces five flowers with a graceful appearance.

9. Amaryllis

There are few plants that will survive well above the stove, but the amaryllis is a nice exception. This subtropical indoor plant likes a little warmth. There are many varieties of amaryllis; with blooms in deep dark red to bright pink.

Red and white Amaryllis flower in bloom
Red and white Amaryllis flower in bloom

Amaryllis: spring in the bulb

If the amaryllis is in bloom, it is better to place it a little further away from the heater. In the heat, the process of flowering goes just a little too fast and you can only enjoy the beautiful flower for a short time. After flowering you can try to save the bulb for next year, it’s worth a try!

10. Kalanchoe

It is a flowering houseplant but can pass for a succulent: the kalanchoe. It is an easy plant that likes a light place. The flowering period is special: these flowering houseplants bloom several times in a row.

Kalanchoe is an exception

A kalanchoe is available in many varieties, from white and pink to deep yellow. Most flowering houseplants like a lot of water, the kalanchoe does not. Of course, you need to water the kalanchoe, but not too much. It is a plant that develops in spring.

Looking for special flowering indoor plants?

If you look around closely, you will find many more special types of flowering houseplants in addition to this top ten at the florist. And in addition to plants and flowers, a florist also has other products such as a beautiful pot and houseplant food.

Flowering houseplants need to be replaced more quickly than most green plants, the advantage of which is that you can occasionally purchase a new beautiful, fresh flowering houseplant.

Indoor plant hobby

Do you pay extra attention to the flowering houseplants? Then it may be that they become so large that they have to be repotted per plant. The florist also has products for that. It’s addictive and before you know it a new hobby has been born, the ‘how do I optimally care for my flowering houseplants’ hobby!

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