Fit4All: measuring = knowing

Fit4All stands for fitness and vitality for everyone. Each measurement gives you insight into your current energy, recovery, stress, heart, blood vessels and more. The human body is constantly changing, so you will quickly see results in the Fit4All measurement when you get started with your personal plan.

Fit4All can be used to accelerate the road to any goal: lose weight, build muscle, relax, etc. By measuring daily you will see what stands in the way of the goal to be achieved, which you can then tackle.


  • Insight into your cardiovascular data that cannot be measured by other ‘at-home’ wearables or measuring devices.
  • Instant insight into your current heart rate, recovery, HRV, stress and body balance after a measurement of 140 seconds.
  • Unique data to help your clients reach their goals faster as a trainer.
  • The option to monitor your client remotely as a trainer,

“My kayak training for the Olympic Games in Tokyo was supported by Fit4All. It is very surprising how the measurements can give an accurate picture of my actual fitness. I recommend it to anyone who needs to be in top shape,” says Sándor Tótka, Olympic champion , two-time world champion and four-time European champion.

Fit4All is a spin-off developed by the doctors of Emed4All in Hungary. The original product was created to monitor pregnant women remotely, so that complications can be recognized at an early stage.

For Fit4All we have made an accurate selection of parameters that map the current state of the body. Fit4All started in 2021 because we believe that a fit and vital life is within reach for everyone with the help of these parameters. By taking measurements (of only 140 seconds) you gain insight into your autonomic nervous system, such as your body balance, recovery, total energy, HRV, etc. We also distinguish ourselves by providing insight into cardiovascular parameters, such as biological age , the resilience, the heart dynamics (strength of the heart) and more; these parameters are not available in HRV measurements, but they are available in Fit4All’s pulse wave measurement.

Because we have conducted research for eight years and more than 60,000 measurements have been made, we can guarantee that a high-quality measurement gives an accurate picture of your current state.

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