First aid for emigrating to Spain!

Are you thinking long and hard about finally taking the step to emigrate? Congratulations! What an exciting adventure you will experience. It is of course fantastic to live in another country and really get to know that culture. Spain is a country with something for everyone and is therefore perfect for expats. But, what do you have to arrange for such an immigration? That’s what we’ll tell you in this article!

Moving to Spain

Step 1: Research

Spain is a beautiful holiday country. At first glance, it is therefore understandable that you want to live there. But, have you really thought about it? Going on holiday to a country or living in a country are two completely different things. Eating tapas every day is fun for a while, but after that it is no longer affordable. Therefore, be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

If you are really sure, it is important to already look at a number of things from home. First, look for houses. There is already a lot to be found on the internet. Would you rather look there? Then you’ll be there in no time by plane. So that is also possible. Perhaps you can immediately view a house during your trip. That is already a nice bonus.

That house must of course also be paid for. So make sure you have a job in mind. You may be able to apply online from home. Even if you have children, it is wise to orientate on schools online. The Spanish school system is far from the same as the Dutch one. So immerse yourself in that.

Step 2: Practical matters

If you have found a house, there are of course still practical matters that need to be arranged. There is no immigration procedure when you go emigrate to Spain. You are free to work and live through the freedom of movement deed. What you do have to do is register with the Spanish municipality where you will live. Opening a Spanish account is also mandatory.

While you’re at it, you might as well take out health and contents insurance. These are always recommended whether you are moving within the Netherlands or abroad. Another practical matter is finding a moving company. In any case, the easiest way is to send a moving company that way. Of course you don’t get everything yourself. Or you must plan to build an entire existence there.

It is best to use a recognized international moving company. They can take care of the move from A to Z and are also the point of contact for questions.

Step 3: Making a home

As much as you’ll want it. Spain will not immediately feel like your home. You get a period where it feels like you get homesick. You then have trouble adjusting. That is normal because you have just moved to another country with a culture that is new to you. It makes sense that you have to get used to all the changes slowly.

What can help in any case is learning the language. This way you also get in touch with other expats faster. You may still have friendships from that. Learning the language is of course also important. This allows you to make yourself understood, which also makes you feel more and more at home. You have to slowly blend into the culture step by step. You do this by getting acquainted with the kitchen, their norms and values ​​and learning from their language, although it is not the same in all areas. You will eventually feel at home. This takes time and time should not be rushed!


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