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“Every time I restart my PC, the audio in the Windows 11 volume mixer is messed up. Both Discord, Edge and games are always set to 0 volume. How can I keep the desired settings?”

From Frank

That sounds like an annoying problem. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the cause, it may be between Windows 11 and the audio devices. We’ve listed a few things you can try.

1. Search the Windows bar for ‘Troubleshooters’. Then click through until you find the one for audio and select Play Audio > Run the troubleshooter. Windows will then make some suggestions itself. You may be asked if you want to disable sound effects and enhancements. Hit yes and you’ll be presented with your audio device’s classic Properties window. In the Enhancements tab, check ‘Disable all extensions’.

2. Search for Control Panel in the taskbar and select Sound. You will now get a properties window listing all the audio devices that Windows 11 currently recognizes. Right-click on the device you want as default and check ‘Show hidden devices’ and ‘Show disconnected devices’. Right-click on the audio device you want to set as default and confirm. If that option is grayed out, choose the Properties heading next to it. In the General tab, make sure that ‘Use this device’ is enabled at the bottom right. Here you will also find the Enhancements tab to turn off sound effects.

3. Another option is Services. Open that app from the search bar. Locate the Windows Audio service. There change the Startup type to Automatic. Click Start Service, Apply and OK. Click the green play button at the top to restart the service. Also reboot your PC… Finally, you can also update or reinstall your audio drivers via Device Manager. Hopefully you will regain control of your own volume.

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