Find your dream job in 4 steps!

You may have just obtained your MBO or HBO diploma and you are ready for the job market. Only you don’t know how to find the perfect job. Useful tools for this are employment agencies such as: Abeos, YoungCapital, Start People or Olympia. Would you rather apply directly? Then read this article that shows you step by step how best to look for your dream job!

1. Choose your function

Perhaps an obvious, but certainly not unimportant tip, is to look for the right function. For example, have you studied to be a laboratory technician and do you only want to perform work related to the laboratory? Then apply for a vacancy that only describes lab technician activities. You often come across vacancies that offer work from different positions.

2. Choose a location

Now that you know what you’re going to do, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to work. This depends on the means of transport you have at your disposal. For example, don’t you have a car? Then it is important to apply for a job that is easy to reach by bike. Public transport is also used by many people to go to work. The willingness to travel also plays a major role in the location of your new workplace. Filter your search results in advance, for example for vacancies in Apeldoorn.

3. Determine your employment

Now that you have found the right position, it is time to determine in which employment you will work. This depends on how much money you want to earn and how many hours per week you are available. For example, do you choose to work full-time (36 to 40 hours a week) or part-time (minimum 12 hours a week)? Perhaps you are a bit older and you want to contribute to society through volunteer work. Or are you self-employed and want to hire yourself out to another company. These are also forms of employment and will have to be determined in advance.

4. Determine your contract length

Finally, set a concrete contract length for yourself and discuss this with the employer. Are you planning to work for as long as possible with your new employer? Or are you only available for a few months because, for example, you are going to emigrate or move. It is important to discuss these matters well with your new employer in order to avoid confusion. Be careful where you put your signature. Always double check your contact length if necessary.

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