FIBO 2023: health prevention in more detail

Fitness and exercise form the basis for physical health. FIBO 2023 will therefore focus even more on health prevention from April 13 to 16 – with new formats, collaboration and a renowned ‘Health Ambassador’.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 500 million people will suffer the consequences of a lack of physical activity by 2030. The WHO recommendation: adults should be physically active for at least 150 minutes a week. The experts also assign a key role to the fitness industry. A task that FIBO and its partners take on.

Together with initiatives and partners such as ‘Exercise is Medicine’, Europe Active and the European Health & Fitness Forum, the BSA Academy and the German College for Health & Prevention, associations, sports doctors and professional media, FIBO 2023 will put even more emphasis on the health aspect of fitness. With its new ‘Health Ambassador’, the renowned sports scientist Ingo Froböse, professor of Rehabilitation and Prevention at the Sports University of Cologne, FIBO also wants to make the value of fitness for health visible and above all tangible for the masses.

“It is important for us to clearly present the key and pioneering role of the fitness industry in people’s health,” said Silke Frank, Event Director of FIBO. “Our goal is to bring all players in the industry together to achieve the greatest possible impact through this network.”

Transformation of the fitness industry
The European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) of Europe Active, at the start of the fair, shows that the fitness industry is playing a pioneering role in several areas. Already on the day before FIBO, the EHFF will bring together the best decision makers in the industry. ‘Transformational Leadership’ is the motto of the lectures and discussions and describes how the industry can shape developments and new requirements.

From mental fitness to sports medicine
New approaches and case studies from all areas of fitness, wellness, preventive healthcare and sports will be presented by FIBO on the other days. Preventive healthcare, nutrition and mental fitness are among the topics of the FIBO Congress, which is organized by experts from the BSA Academy and the German University for Health & Prevention (DHfPG).

The Meeting Point Health in Hall 8 offers a practice-oriented program for studio operators, trainers, sports physicians and, in particular, physiotherapists. The focus here is networking between the different disciplines involved in fitness and health. The ‘Exercise is medicine Day’ takes place on Friday. Lectures at the new symposium on sports medicine and physiotherapy “when therapy becomes training”, organized by Georg Thieme Verlag in collaboration with Sportärztezeitung, will also cover practical and indication-specific examples, innovative methods of diagnostics, modern and combined therapies and individual training.

New: Meeting Point Spa & Wellness
In addition, there will be a Meeting Point Spa & Wellness for the first time at FIBO 2023 in Hall 8, which will be designed in collaboration with the German Wellness Association. A specialized stage program and a networking space are planned in the immediate vicinity of the thematic exhibition space. On Sunday there is the presentation of the international ‘Spa Manager Award’.

Training and refresher courses receive more attention
‘Fysio Future’ is the name of the offer that shows young physiotherapists opportunities and possibilities for entering the profession after their training. With the IFAA Trainer Plaza, the Functional Forum and the Body & Mind Area, FIBO is also expanding its range of further training. The aim is to better connect theory and practice and to give impetus to daily work.

‘Tech Valley’ – digitization optimizes fitness offer
Digitization is also increasingly determining the fitness industry and the health sector. That is why the ‘Tech Valley’ is being created in the immediate vicinity of the Future Forum in hall 7. The area offers established companies and startups a stage. Above all, studio operators find various apps, software and hardware solutions for optimizing devices and fitness offerings.

New: FIBO brings gaming and fitness together
With the ‘Gaming & Health Area’ in Hall 5.2, FIBO creates a new format for a new community at the fair. Gaming and exercise are not mutually exclusive, FIBO wants to make that clear. In addition to the opportunity to game with professionals and meet well-known creators, visitors can try workouts, discover how overall performance is improved through adapted nutrition and what role regeneration also plays in ambitious eSports.

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