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Feyenoord triumphed 0-3 at SC Cambuur on Sunday afternoon. The Rotterdam club could not celebrate the victory with a full away section, but there were still plenty of supporters in Leeuwarden. Robert Maaskant is critical.

Maaskant corrects Legion

Cambuur will finish the remaining home games this season with an empty away section. Feyenoord was the victim of this on Sunday afternoon, but many supporters still managed to get a ticket for the home sections. “I have a hard time with that”, is Maaskant’s opinion in FC Rijnmond.

“Feyenoord supporters must realize that they can harm the club in their club love. They go there again, even though it is said: it is not allowed,” says Maaskant. In his eyes, they should even refuse tickets offered. “Have the discipline to say: we support our club through and through, but we are not going, because this could harm Feyenoord.”

Maaskant points out the rules, including throwing objects. “So don’t do it…” In the past things often went wrong with Feyenoord supporters in the home sections. “I understand that it is a unique year to be there, but don’t do it. Everything can be maintained, as long as you do your best.”

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