‘Farmer seeks woman’: Kevin talks about how things are going with the women he didn’t choose

In Farmer seeks wife there was a very important episode scheduled last Sunday evening. Both Cathy, Stef, Jef and Kevin had to make their final choice. That caused a lot of difficulties, also for Kevin. The raspberry and chicory farmer chose Jana over Heidi and Elke. In a conversation with The last news Kevin now tells us how the contact is with those last two in the meantime.

While Raphaël has only been on his farm with Jasha for several weeks, the four other participants had to leave Farmer seeks wife make their final choice on Sunday evening. Jef chose Bente over Kim, Stef went for Leen instead of Annelore and Cathy chose Kenny over Björn.


Kevin even had three women on his farm at the beginning of the episode. Two weeks ago he gave the dismissed Elke a new chance. She had asked because she felt she had not yet been able to show Kevin that she was real. Elke was given and seized the opportunity, so that many even expected that she would eventually be chosen.

In the end, Kevin went for Jana after deciding to “follow his heart”. In the preview for next week, we could already see that the two are getting into a big fight on their romantic trip. “I had imagined that weekend differently. Jana thought I was too playful, not serious enough. But when I’m happy, I laugh a lot and I joke a lot,” says Kevin The last news. Whether the two are still together, of course, he cannot reveal. We’ll see that next week in the reunion episode.

Heidi and El

However, Kevin has given more explanation about how things are going with the two women he did not choose, Heidi and Elke. He often sees the first one in particular, although there has been a surprising twist in it. “She is with my cousin. He comes here occasionally to help and they met on the farm. I have no problem with that at all, on the contrary, I am very happy for them. We are a close-knit family,” explains Kevin.

“I also hear Elke from time to time. We sometimes call or text each other, so that contact is good,” concludes Kevin.

Farmer seeks wife can be seen every Sunday at 7.55 pm on VTM.

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