Fabrizio from ‘Temptation Island’ is single again

Fabrizio Tzinaridis, best known for Temptation Island and The Bachelors, is single again. This has been confirmed by his manager The last news after many followers noticed that both he and his then-girlfriend Sanne deleted photos of them together.

We got to know Fabrizio Tzinaridis in 2018 while participating in Temptation Island. Shortly after that program, where he was one of the seducers, Fabrizio started a relationship with Pommeline, who participated in Temptation Island with her ex a year earlier. Together they participated in 2019 Temptation Island VIPSafter which their relationship ended.

About a year ago, Fabrizio tried again to find love through television as a central figure in The Bachelors on Play4. In the final of The Bachelors we saw how he gave his very last rose to the Dutch Madieke. The 28-year-old Dutch beat the 21-year-old Margaux. The latter, however, clearly also unleashed something in Fabrizio. In the end, it didn’t work out with either Madieke or Margaux after the program, although he also kept in touch with Margaux for some time.


After that, it was quiet around Fabrizio Tzinaridis’ love life until he announced on Instagram in September last year that he had lost his heart to Sanne. The two seemed happy together for a while, but have now broken up.

“At the moment the relationship is indeed over. They decided that because their lives are in different phases,” confirms Fabrizio’s manager The last news.

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