Eyecatchers: 5 unique and eye-catching smart home gadgets

Some people make it a sport to get rid of their smart home devices as best they can. That often succeeds, because part of the smart part is, for example, being wireless, which is beautiful and unobtrusive in the interior. But, some smart home gadgets stand out in a positive way. These are five striking smart home gadgets.

Nanoleaf Elements Wood

The Nanoleaf tiles are very popular in home offices because they have a very futuristic look. The normal variant is a kind of plastic tile through which light comes through in all kinds of colors, which can also change color. You can set it up exactly the way you want with your smartphone. What is even more special, however, is the wood-look variant. It just looks like a beautiful wooden work of art with hexagons when it is off, while with the light on it gives a more futuristic look. The light can sync with the beat of your music, so this light element can also come in very handy in the living room: disco!

Nanoleaf Elements support Apple HomeKit, among others. Mind you, the wood look variant only has white/yellow light, while the plastic variant can display a whole rainbow of colours. It is up to you whether you want to go for subtle, or rather for the more striking colors that Nanoleaf originally offers. In any case, you can make a shape with the tiles yourself, so it is creative anyway. You will spend around 200 euros for a set of Nanoleaf tiles.

Hachi Infinite M1 touchscreen projector

It looks like it’s straight out of Star Trek, but it really exists: a projector that can display an interactive touch screen. For example, a keyboard shines on your desk from this beamer and you can then type on the keys that are visible on your desk. It is a strange sensation, especially since there are no keys that physically move along, but it is cool.

The Hachi Infinite M1 touchscreen projector can be used both horizontally and vertically, but vertically it is interactive and horizontally it is not. Still, that horizontal mode is interesting: it can display a ‘screen’ of up to 100 inches. This device uses artificial intelligence to work. It can also be used to stream music, because there is also a built-in speaker, in addition to being able to be used wirelessly. The device is difficult to obtain, but costs around 1,000 euros.

Click & Grow Smart Garden

Although this device is not very smart (you can only turn off the lights via the app), it is one of the most eye-catching smart home gadgets you can buy. It is a kind of container with 9 compartments in which you put pods. The pods contain soil with seeds and everything grows from them: tomatoes, chives, strawberries, mint, but also flowers. You choose which pods you purchase and plant. All you have to do is make sure that the water tank is filled once a week/two weeks. The device controls the rest itself, after you have set in the app when the light should be on and when it should be off.

Click & Grow Smart Garden with its white design is very nice when the plants are a bit bigger: it looks very attractive, your own mini picking garden. Moreover, it also gives quite a lot of light, which is useful if you come home in the winter. You will also receive all kinds of news about your planted pods in the app. For example, you’ll hear when your tomato plant needs to be moved to a regular pod, and that your mint is ready to be picked and eaten (or drunk). It works like a charm and makes it incredibly easy to grow your own ingredients. Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 costs about 220 euros.

Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror

You often hear about it, but you don’t see it often: a smart mirror. Now Philips Hue has made a mirror that is reasonably smart, but it can be even better. Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror is a mirror that works on Android, has a touch screen and even speakers. You can also install Android apps on the device, which makes it useful, for example, to follow a make-up tutorial on YouTube while you are doing make-up in front of the mirror.

Thanks to the speakers, you can also hear what is being said, although it is also possible to turn on music and, for example, manscape your beard while enjoying some Slipknot. The mirror is equipped with touch protection, so you can easily enter data or consult apps. You will spend around 800 euros on this mirror, which is also known as Thin Cast.

Townew T1 Smart Trash Can

Okay, maybe a garbage can is not necessarily an eye-catcher in your house, but this is such a cool device that we have to mention it. It also has a nice design with its square looks. We all know the garbage cans that know with a sensor that you are standing there and therefore open automatically. But this garbage can goes one step further. For example, this garbage can can itself attach its garbage bag with the push of a button when it is full. Okay, he doesn’t walk him away to the underground, but the dirty work is largely done by the device itself.

You buy a kind of refill rings for this device. You put it on your garbage can and then you have 25 garbage bags to fill. As soon as you take out the full one, the new one is ready. You never actually have to touch the garbage can, unless you want to clean it (make it dust-free, for example). If you want to throw something in, the sensor sees that you are standing there and the lid opens and closes for you. And for people who pay extra attention to the environment: biodegradable garbage bags are also available. This device costs around 100 euros.

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