Expired gift card? This is the real reason why they expire

It really is a rotten feeling. That nice gift you received is now worth NOTHING at all. What does this mean, it has been paid for, right?

Can gift cards actually expire? According to the law and according to this article, this is allowed. But it is bitter and this is how the Dutch think about it.

Recently, Giftomatic also offers the possibility to receive compensation for an expired gift card.

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Consumers are furious! And they express it on social media. Unfortunately, the shopkeepers are holding their ground.

What do you think of this?

Consumers on forums are also not happy with the expired gift cards.

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How much money is in your drawer?

It is estimated that 90% of the Dutch own one or more gift cards. The total value is in the Netherlands around 300 million euros. What money!

How much money in gift cards do you think you have in your cupboards?

Do you still have a gift card?

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But why do gift cards expire?!

Of course the gift cards expire because they have limited validity, after all; without an end date, the card would be valid forever.

The limited period of validity is generally set by companies because they do not want to have a large “debt” on their balance sheet, which it is uncertain whether and when it will be collected.

In addition, companies want to avoid having to deliver a product or service (such as a high tea) that could easily be realized for €25 a few years ago, but would be loss-making due to rising costs.

But it remains unfair that the consumer gets the short end of the stick!

This is what the law says

Unfortunately. Gift cards may proceed according to law and as a consumer you unfortunately have no rights after the expiration date.

However, the rules were tightened in 2018, so that most gift cards must be valid for at least 2 years after the moment of issue.

There are quite a few exceptionson the site ofcadeaubonservice.nl you can read all about the legal period of validity.

Some companies arrange it very neatly!

Fortunately, there are exceptions to the rule! Some companies understand that it is much better in the long run to please the consumer!

Do companies really want angry customers and a little profit?

It is indeed a real revenue model for some stores. They make it as difficult as possible to use your gift card. What tricks do they play for this?

  • As short a term as possible
  • Redeeming is cumbersome
  • Limited range of what you can buy with the card

Fortunately, this only applies to a limited number of publishers.

We all forget our cards!

It’s bizarre. At any time of the year there is such a 300 million euros in value in the Dutch drawers. It is estimated that almost half of this expires.
With Giftomatic this is easy to prevent.

The main reason that gift cards expire is because they are simply forgotten. A small part expires because the owner has no interest in the products that store sells. But why do we forget them anyway?!
gift card expired

We forget gift cards because:

  1. We for a moment no inspiration have what we want to buy
  2. We tidy up the cards, in a drawer or another invisible place
  3. They’re out of sight, and everything forget we them…

Don’t let this happen to you

Do you already know Giftomatic? It is a free service that has been set up for the gift cards you own NOW.

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Signing up is completely free and this way you avoid an expired voucher.

*It is not necessary to enter card numbers, the company the receipt is from is sufficient

See what Giftomatic can do for you

In Giftomatic you have a nice overview of which cards you own, and how much they are worth.

Receive product suggestions for your gift card every week

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Enthusiastic reactions from consumers and companies

Do you no longer have gift cards yourself?

You might know someone with a lot of gift cards?!

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