Expedition Robinson 2023: these celebrities are participating

If we stick to the start dates of previous seasons, we can enjoy a new season of Expedition Robinson. But according to Fawry not Sawry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get real celebrities for TV programs. According to him, this is also the reason that the cast of the new season of Special Forces half consists of known and half of unknown Dutch people. Yet it seems Expedition manage to drag in a number of big names.

Expedition Robinson

During Expedition Robinson, a group of Dutch celebrities goes back to primitive life. With little food and tough trials, it’s up to them to survive on a deserted island. We can’t wait for the new season, but the exact date when the program will start again is unfortunately not yet known. We also do not yet know in which tropical place Expedition Robinson will take place this year. What we do know is that there is a new presenter. Art Rooijakkers will present the program together with Nicolette Kluijver. So he has been looking forward to this for a long time. He was supposed to present the program last year, but due to voice problems he was replaced by Rick Brandsteder. Now that it’s almost time, he shares: “Expedition Robinson is of course one of the classics on Dutch television. It really is an institution.”

The participants

If anyone knows about everything that goes on in the reality world, it’s Fawry. No wonder he can already tell us a number of names that will participate in the new season of Expedition Robinson. In the series Realitea he says that gossip queen Yvonne Coldeweijer managed to pick up that Jonna Fraser and Jamie Vaes are participating in the new season. Is this also the reason that Lío is now with Lil Kleine in Ibiza?! Fawry has already made up his mind about Jamie’s participation. “I think it’s pretty clever, because then the celebrities are really gone,” he shares. In addition to these two well-known names, it is also up to Maxim Froger (the son of René Froger) to fight on a deserted island.

But we know more, the crew would have already gone abroad for the recordings. That means that a number of Dutch celebrities should be off the radar for a while. For example, Gwen van Poorten recently announced that she would go on an adventure on her own for a while. The same goes for Guido Spek and Janice Blok. It is therefore speculated that they participate in Expedition Robinson 2023.

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Expedition Robinson 2023: it looks like Jaimie Vaes and these other celebrities are participating

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