Every entrepreneur wants this business software

Even the almost elderly greengrocer from a small rural village uses software. This will be a bit less advanced than most other entrepreneurs. But the days when you wrote down everything in a notebook, from receipts to bookkeeping, are a thing of the past. This article is not specifically aimed at the greengrocer, but at all entrepreneurs. You probably already use good business software, but with the 5 tips below, the company will improve even further.

accounting software

Closing the financial year can cause quite a bit of stress. For starters, it’s exciting to get the final bill. You also want everything to be done properly, in order to avoid problems with the Tax and Customs Administration. Accounting software can help you with that.

This software does the chores that you can describe as mandatory numbers. An example is the processing of salaries. For many entrepreneurs, these are not the most fun activities. With good software, this work is not only faster, you also have the guarantee that no mistakes will be made.

HR software

The work of an HR department has only become more extensive. In recent years, many companies have paid more attention to the mental well-being of employees. And the corona crisis has led to an increase in work. Protocols for hybrid working suddenly had to be devised, complete with setting up workplaces for staff who started working from home.

The good news of these changes is that there has been a lot of investment in the relationship between company and employee. HR software ensures that attention does not have to slacken. Matters such as payroll processing, declarations and digital files can be easily automated. This allows the HR department to focus on the most important part of the company: the personnel.

Marketing software

Did you know that there is software that allows you to set up complete marketing campaigns? Marketing is an important success factor. Yet you see in many companies that marketing is neglected. It takes time, and if you don’t have much time, marketing dies first. Not surprising in itself, since you are already quite busy. Marketing software comes in all kinds. Campaigns can be created with it, but also response analyzes and market segmentations.

Presentation software

Good software not only makes it easier to give a presentation, the message also becomes a lot clearer for the recipient. Powerpoint is widely used for presentations, just like Keynote. There are several good programs with which you can create slides, slides and videos, among other things.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, an English name for customer relationship management. Customer data can be analyzed with the right CRM software. This improves the business relationship.

The primary goal is of course to bind the customer to your company and thus increase your turnover. But CRM doesn’t just benefit your own company. Customers can also benefit because CRM helps them to run smarter operations.

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