Eveline Hoste in Clean Women podcast

Eveline Hoste sails her own course

Eveline Hoste in Clean Women podcast: “I steer my own course.” Ex-Miss Belgian Beauty, politician and businesswoman Eveline Hoste (42) reveals all her secrets as ‘Schone Vrouw’ in the eponymous podcast by fellow entrepreneur Caroline Rigo (Rigorgeous). During the conversation, all taboos are swept off the table and the ladies talk openly and honestly about every part of Eveline’s life: considering cosmetic procedures, parenthood, valuable friendships, health, female entrepreneurship and of course love. You can hear what Eveline Hoste is doing on a daily basis in the brand new episode of ‘Schone Vrouwen’, which can now be listened to via http://rigorgeous.lnk.to/schonevrouwen. In addition to a beautiful appearance, Eveline Hoste is also blessed with a golden network. Years ago she went through a tough period and found much needed support in her environment. “Being after my divorce my parents come and live with me for a while.

Eveline Hoste (podcast) Caroline Rigo and Cynthia Reekmans

Group of ex-Miss Belgian Beauties

It is a huge gift to know that they are always there”, says Evelyn. She could also count on a lot of support outside her warm parental nest: “In such a period you learn who you are real friends are, they don’t necessarily come to your door every day. Also with the group ex Miss Belgian Beauties I have a close bond. You notice that we are all the same kind of women and that just clicks. We don’t have to hear or see each other every day to know that we are always there for each other.” In addition to friends and family, Eveline values ​​enormously like-minded women around him. “As a businesswoman you sometimes want to vent, vent or get advice. It is nice to have people around you who can do that.”, she concludes. With whom this Beautiful Woman can undoubtedly do that, is with her boyfriend Mario.After my divorce I thought I would never be able to fall in love again, but it happened to me anyway.

Good genes

We have benefited a lot from each other, because we come from a similar situation. It’s a different kind of love than I knew when I was 19 years old. He’s a very gentle man and I feel I can handle him counting and building, and with whom I can grow old. Whether I will grow old with him, time will tell. We’ve both been hurt in the past, so we’re more careful. We look at where the relationship is going at our own pace”, says Eveline finally. Eveline Hoste herself dedicates her beautiful appearance to her good genes, because her mother and grandmother also still look young and wrinkle-free at a later age. Because of the many creams it will certainly not be with her, because Eveline is one bad student when it comes to skincare. During the conversation with the Rigorgeous ladies, professionals from the cosmetics world, she shamelessly throws all her secrets and opinions on the table.

Eveline Hoste (podcast) Caroline Rigo and Cynthia Reekmans (1)


When the word botox falls, the former Miss Belgian Beauty has her vision clear: “I’m afraid of that, those needles and that cutting. It can also quickly be too much, I’ve seen that often in the showbiz world, but I’m not against it per se. If tomorrow I think it is necessary to do something with me, I am not going to rule out that it will happen now. A few months ago I doubted my lips what to fill. I discussed that with my daughter and for her it was a no-go. I’m glad that as a teenager in an Instagram world she understands what fake is. Her outspoken opinion did influence my decision not to do it.” All the secrets and rituals of this versatile beauty can now be listened to in the podcast ‘Clean Women‘ via http://rigorgeous.lnk.to/schonevrouwen. Other episodes by Anke Buckinx and Lynn Wesenbeeck, among others, can also be found here.

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