Enjoy an intense taste sensation with biodegradable coffee capsules

You make almost everyone happy with a nice cup of coffee. The enjoyment starts, of course, with the delicious aromas. Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee. In addition, coffee is a wonderful natural product, full of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. The most important thing is of course the pure taste. Where we used to have to make do with a classic cup of black coffee, we now have a choice of many different types. Each one is characterized by its own aroma and taste. If you have a good machine at home or at work, you can now easily make it yourself with your favorite coffee cups that you can easily order online at De Koffiejongens.

Are you a coffee lover in heart and soul and would you like to discover new flavors? Then read on quickly, because in this blog you will get to know all kinds of things worth knowing about espresso, lungo and ristretto. This way you can enjoy a new taste experience time after time.

Full and intense taste

The ristretto is gaining ground among coffee lovers. Ristretto is the Italian word for limited. It is a cup of coffee that is even smaller than an espresso and is characterized by its intense, full taste. A ristretto is prepared with the same amount (or possibly a little more) of coffee as that of an espresso, but has a stronger taste. This is due to the smaller amount of water. The ristretto is often served in an espresso cup and provides a delicious pick-me-up, for example after an extensive dinner.

Pressed under high pressure

Espresso originates from Italy and owes its name to the method of preparation. Because espresso is the Latin word for squeezing. With a classic espresso, the coffee is pressed under high pressure. This creates a small amount of concentrated coffee with an intense taste. Although the smaller size of an espresso might suggest otherwise, the taste of a good espresso is big. So it probably doesn’t surprise you that when Italians order a caffè, they aim for an espresso. In the Netherlands, too, the small and powerful cup of coffee is indispensable.

‘Long’ espresso

The lungo coffee variety gets its name from the time it takes to make it. Because lungo means long in Italian. You can see this type of coffee as a long espresso. When preparing a lungo, you also use the same amount of coffee as with an espresso. Because the preparation time is longer, the coffee has a lot of time to impart its flavor to the water. That is why the lungo still has a rich aftertaste. The lungo is a real everyone’s friend that you can drink all day long.

Tasteful variety of coffee cups

Can you almost smell the scent of your favorite coffee? Then quickly start making your mise en place. Get your Nespresso coffee machine ready and select your favorite coffees. Did you know that ordering Nespresso cups online is a piece of cake these days? Take a look at the webshop of De Koffiejongens. There you will find a tasteful variety of cups that are suitable for Nespresso machines. The flavors range from espresso and ristretto to lungo and decaf. These cups are 100% biodegradable and that makes your cup of coffee taste even better. By subscribing to a package of cups that suits you, you will also never miss out. Is your mouth watering already?

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