Easter eggs left? How many calories are there in one Easter egg

Easter is just over and you probably – like everyone else – have been working in a lot of Easter eggs. Tasty, but not very healthy! Easter eggs are just like calorie bombs and you want to avoid them as much as possible…

That's how many calories an Easter egg contains
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Easter eggs

Delicious, but they are really calorie bombs: Easter eggs. Easter is just over, but the Easter eggs have been on the shelves since January. According to research (by HEMA), we eat quite a few per year, mainly outside Easter. We eat an average of 43 Easter eggs per year, 13 of which during Easter.

That means that we eat an average of 34 Easter eggs a year, and not even during Easter. Sorry, because these chocolates contain a lot of calories. Don’t get us wrong, they are delicious, but very bad!

That’s how many calories are in one Easter egg

You would think that the Easter bunny has pooped out all imaginable flavors in recent years, but every year there are still fresh flavors on the shelves. And that while we used to only have three flavours! It’s nice, but all those extra flavors and fillings just add more and more calories. While some studies claim that chocolate Easter eggs help with weight loss, we think the fork is different.

An average milk or white chocolate egg contains between 40 and 50 calories, while an egg with filling already has 60 calories. For this you have to run for about 10 minutes to actually burn that Easter egg. Well, don’t call us!

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