Easly the only provider of online corona tests for travelers

Travelers still have to take a corona test (or have it taken) for a number of countries.

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However, the test locations of the GGD are almost completely closed. Medical company Easly from Utrecht is currently the only party in the Netherlands to offer an online PCR test that is validated in a lab.

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travelers to Japan, for example, must show a negative PCR test result, which is not older than 72 hours at the time of departure to Japan. This currently also applies to countries such as Chile or the Philippines. Easly offers both a saliva PCR test and an antigen test to get you tested for corona. Travelers can easily perform this online PCR self-test or online antigen rapid test at home.

For the PCR test, a traveler simply has to send his saliva to Easly’s laboratory. He or she receives the result 48 hours after receipt in the lab. The antigen rapid test from Easly works even faster than the PCR test. The traveler receives the result of the corona test from Easly within 15 minutes. This antigen corona self-test is performed online under the guidance of one of Easly’s medical experts. The difference between a PCR test and an allergen test is that the latter is seen as slightly less reliable.

Any party in the Netherlands

“We are the only party in the Netherlands that offers an online PCR test that is validated in a lab,” says CEO Jeroen de Jong of Easly. “If the result is positive, you will receive a proof of recovery. There are currently very few locations where you can do such a PCR test. As Easly, we can serve the entire country with our simple online test.”

Source: easy.nl

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