Duathlon Mud Masters is back

Have you mastered that Mud Masters Marathon in the meantime and are you looking for more of a challenge? Then there’s Mud Masters’ Duathlon.


The name says it all, of course, it consists of two parts. The first part is the regular Mud Masters Marathon. Once you have done this, there will be an 8-kilometre speed march with a 30 kilo (men) or 22.5 kilo (ladies) pack. A speed march is military slang for running and fast walking with packs. You take this pack with you and must always contain the minimum weight, so even if your food, drink and rain suit are out of the backpack, it must still be heavy enough.

Last year was the first edition of the Duathlon at Mud Masters. After an evaluation it is now time for version 2.0. You have 9.5 hours for this challenge. The difference with last year is that the speed march is slightly shorter, has a heavier pack and a tighter time limit.

If you want to participate, register on time. Last year it sold out fairly quickly. Until next Thursday 11:59 PM you will receive a 25 euro discount on your duathon ticket. So don’t hesitate too long!

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