Do’s and Don’ts!

Many people have tried it: Grow mint. Some people have once tried to grow a mint plant from the supermarket.

Others have put a number of seeds in a pot and watered it. Mint is really a wonderful herb and – if you do it right – also a perfect herb to start or supplement your indoor collection of herbs.

If you fancy mint tea or you have a dish in which you want to use mint, simply cut it off your own plant every time! Yet a lot goes wrong with people who want to grow a mint plant.

In this article you can read what you should and should not do when it comes to a mint plant in your home.

Mint is easy to grow

Just like basil and coriander, the mint plants fall under the category of “easy to grow at home” herbs. The roots are incredibly invasive, that is, they grow very fast and you will soon get new leaves and mint plants. We also say: Mint is easy to grow, but difficult to get rid of.

Although this rule applies more to mint in gardens or on the terrace. Fortunately, you can also grow mint at home. You can even give a herb plant from the supermarket a wonderful life!

Things you should do to take care of your mint plant

  1. Give the mint plant (in English: mint plant) sufficient water and make sure that the soil remains slightly moist, but not very wet. If the top layer of the potting compost/soil starts to feel dry, you can add some water.
  2. The mint plant likes humidity, so it is best to spray it now and then with a nebulizer!
  3. You can grow a cutting of the mint plant in water. This is called hydroponics. This way you can see the roots in water!
  4. Did you buy a plant from the supermarket? Then it is often in a jar that is too small. The roots then do not have enough space to grow into a large and mature plant. Quickly place the plant in a larger pot, so that it can grow nicely! This way you quickly have more herbs!
  5. Water the plant from under. For example, place the fresh mint plant on a saucer or container with water. It absorbs water itself through the roots. This is a good method to keep supermarket herbs fresh for longer.
  6. You can take care of your mint by placing the plant in a sunny spot. Officially, the location is even partial shade, but full sun is also too much.

Buy mint plant

Things you shouldn’t do

  1. Grow in all directions without touching up. Cut the plant occasionally and turn the pot 180 degrees once in a while, so that the mint grows in a ‘full’ way.
  2. Let it sit in a jar that is too small.
  3. Give up if, for example, your supermarket herb plant with mint dies quickly. These herb plants are not designed to last. If you quickly put the plant in a larger pot and water it/absorb it from below, you increase the chance enormously!
  4. Water too little. Mint likes moisture!

Other useful facts about the mint plant

Repot or cutting mint plant

Repotting a mint plant is probably not even necessary, but cuttings to get some beautiful mint plants yourself is of course super fun.

You can just grab a twig and cut it diagonally under the leaf. Remove the bottom leaves. The easiest way is to dip the bottom in rooting powder, then you really give it a boost. You don’t have to.

Then grab a jar or jam jar, fill it with potting soil, or even better with sowing and cutting soil and stick the cutting about 4 to 5 centimeters deep in it. Now water regularly and don’t leave them in direct sunlight, rather in the shade.

The explanation above is for an indoor mint plant. If you want to put the mint plant outside, keep in mind that it grows wonderfully. So if you ask yourself, “How fast does mint grow?” well, it goes quietly through all your garden 🙂

What to do with too much coin?

Apart from the fact that you can of course use a lot of it in dishes except only in tea. Can also store your coin excellently.

First dry the mint leaves (just with kitchen paper for example). Preheat the oven to 80 degrees and put the mint leaves on a baking tray and put in the oven. Then let it dry for about 2 hours. Then take it out and let it cool down. You can easily store them in a plastic box or glass jar. Try to keep it in a dark place. Tada!

Main image: Photo by Sorin Gheorghita of Unsplash

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