Does anyone like me? Learn more about the online signals!

You can sometimes talk to someone for days on social media, but how do you know if someone really likes you? There are a number of signals that you can tell that from. Perhaps long contact is already a signal for you that things are going well, but that does not always have to be the case. A friendship can also develop, where you speak to each other daily, but of course you don’t want to get that out of it. So do you really want to date someone and are you curious if the other person likes you too? Then take a closer look at the following signals!

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The interaction with each other

Especially when you speak to each other via online platforms, it is difficult to find out whether someone really likes you. You have to rely on a few messages that someone sends. You’ll think it’s hard to read anything from that. That is not entirely true. Of course you have no facial expressions from which you can read emotion. That can be tricky. But, on the other hand, someone can talk with a lot of emotion. You can see this, for example, in the use of emoticons. Emoticons can convey more enthusiasm or show that someone dares to be vulnerable with you. Of course life is not always about roses scent and moonshine. So it is possible that someone sometimes shares bad emotions with you and that includes sad emoticons. If someone shares such emotions with you, he or she lets you get close. So that’s a good sign, because it means that the person in question trusts you with this information.

In addition, you can also see whether someone is interested by the speed of response. Are there minutes between each message? Then I would question the interest. Of course someone can be busy, but responding immediately is a sign that someone likes you. Often when people like each other you see that they are constantly online waiting for the reaction of someone else. Although you may not see each other, you are almost chatting live, so little time is in between. That is a sign that you can ask someone on a date.

Visit each other

Let’s not take this too literally, because it’s still about flirting online, of course. You can still look each other up online. But how do you know if she likes you? You can find that out quite easily. If someone likes you, she will show interest and keep asking questions. These can be questions to get to know you better, but also questions about silly things. Think of questions such as what you are going to do today, what you ate or how you slept. If she asks you such questions, she is clearly interested in you.

Moreover, the contact must of course come from both sides. As soon as you don’t ask questions back, she will eventually lose interest in you too. So if you find someone equally interesting, be sure to let them know. Put as much time and energy into it as the other person does.

In addition, you can tell that someone likes you if they send you duplicate messages. This is also called ‘double texts’. That does not mean that someone sends several messages at the same time. It means that someone sends you another message after a few hours to ask or tell you something, without you responding in the meantime. That is really a message with the message “thinking of you”. Double texts can also occur, spread over social media channels. Think of a conversation on Whatsapp, but that she forwards something to you on Facebook or Instagram. The interest is definitely there!

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