Do you have a first date? These questions are good to ask (and this one isn’t)

You’ve planned a first date, exciting! Maybe you’re an experienced dater and know exactly how to handle that first date. Are you a little less at home in the romantic spheres? No problem. We tell you exactly what you do and don’t want to ask during a first date. This way you can get through your date smoothly and carefree.

Still not sure what to do on your first date? These are original, but budget-proof date ideas.

You do ask these questions and especially not during your first date

With our tips you can get through your first date as carefree as possible. But do your first date the way you want it and what you feel comfortable with. Whether according to our tips or not.

You should ask these questions to your date

Start casual

Is your date a stranger? Perfect. Then you can start with the basics. Of course you want to know everything about this potential lover. What kind of family does he/she come from, what does he/she like to do at the weekend and what is his/her favorite festival? Before you throw a fire of questions at him or her, we advise you to start a little more casual. Questions like: are you from far away, how did you get here or just ‘how are you?’ break the ice right away. This way the other person also gets the chance to ask questions about this, so that the conversation immediately goes smoothly. This way you avoid those awkward silences and that is of course exactly what you want.

Be sincere

The most important thing during a first meeting is that your date gets a picture of who you really are. Ask the questions you genuinely want to know the answer to. If you don’t do this, you will probably come across as less sincere yourself. Have you not fallen on your mouth and do you perhaps dare to ask some daring questions? Then do this. Do these kinds of questions not suit you at all? So don’t do it at all. Ask the questions that make you feel good. Be careful with sensitive subjects. Of course you don’t want to offend or put your date in an annoying position.

You don’t ask these questions on your first date

Curb your curiosity

Perhaps you are very curious about the history of his or her love life. That is not bad and above all very normal. The first date is just not the perfect time to ask what he or she has been up to with others. Even if you want to ask this question because you’re just curious, it might come across as jealous. And no one wants a jealous partner. Put your curiosity aside for a moment and wait until another time to ask questions about this.

Be careful

Deceased relatives, friends or pets can be a touchy subject for some people. Logical of course. If your date is a stranger, then of course you do not know whether he or she has had to deal with deceased people in his or her environment. If your date mentions that someone has died, try to give the other person the space to talk about this themselves. If he or she doesn’t do this, don’t ask about it yourself. You want to keep your first date light and, above all, fun. Perhaps there will be room in another date to talk about this.

With these tips you can get out of that annoying but oh so normal relationship slump

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Do you have a first date? These questions are good to ask (and this one isn’t)

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