DigiTest: Smart garden lighting – WiZ ELPAS and WiZ ground spots review

We at Digitailing are big fans of Phillips Hue. All our lamps are therefore from Hue, both at the office and at home. A single Innr lamp has been added to this system because it all communicates seamlessly with each other based on Zibee. Where Zigbee works on the basis of Bluetooth, WiZ works on the basis of WiFi. So you don’t need a separate Hue or Zigbee bridge, the WiZ app is already sufficient to provide your smart home with lighting. The same also applies to the two sets of garden lighting.

Here we run directly against our two pain points. So you need a new app and cannot control the lights via the Hue app. But this is a bit of nitpicking because the lamps are also supported by Google home, Alexa and Siri Shortcuts. What is quickly encountered and so the other pain point is the WiFi coverage. Not every garden has very good coverage, so this can sometimes cause problems when you want to add and use the garden lighting in your app.

In our case this is not a problem, so we call an electrician friend who neatly connects the ELPAS wall lamp (230v) while I position the ground spots myself. These are because of it 12V low voltage system very safe and easy to install yourself. We have the starter kit that consists of two ground spots, an adapter and a controller. Plug it into the outdoor socket, aim the spotlights at the olive tree and you’re done.

The ELPAS is now also safely connected to the power grid and will also be added to the WiZ app.

16 million colors

Where the Hue lamps are divided into lamps with only white light and lamps that cover the entire color palette, this is not the case with WiZ. According to the makers, the ELPAS even has 16 million colours, too many to check, but we still stick to a warm yellow tint. The wall lamp is about 16 cm tall and weighs less than a pack of sugar. Despite the weight and the fact that it is almost entirely made of plastic, it still looks very solid and is of course completely weatherproof.

The spots are not made of plastic but of high-quality aluminum. Even when they are not on, they are real eye-catchers. The spots on the pin can be rotated up to 180 degrees so that you can put your chosen tree in the spotlight from all angles. You can even expand the starter kit by adding more fixtures, up to five pieces.


As mentioned, WiZ is the slightly cheaper variant of Hue, at least that is how it was marketed by parent company Signify. But because they are two independent systems, this kite does not go all the way. If you already have Hue lamps indoors, but you want to upgrade your garden or terrace, the WiZ lamps are a very good choice. You can also make your outdoor space cozy after sunset in no time at all!

The WiZ ELPAS is available with a CAP of € 89.99, the WiZ ground spots starter kit is slightly more expensive and you can buy it for € 179.99. So not very cheap, but compared to the Hue spotlights, it is quickly about € 100 cheaper.

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