did Sylvia Geersen make the right choice?

Last Thursday, the whole of the Netherlands was on the edge of its seat to watch the final of De Bachelorette. After a long search, Sylvia Geersen finally made her choice. We saw Sylvia’s choice coming, but what did the rest of the Netherlands actually think of it?

sylvia geersen the bachelorette right choice

Finale The Bachelorette

As we see in every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, a 24-hour date is enjoyed in the final episode. Both Samé and Joris were allowed to go out with Sylvia for 24 hours to discover whether there is a romantic click. Where everything is normally pulled out of the closet, that was not too bad in this season. Same was the lucky one and was allowed to enjoy a safari trip and a helicopter flight with Sylvia.

During Joris and Sylvia’s date, things were taken easy. The two enjoyed a sunset on a bench and then went on a balcony to watch the starry sky. Romantic? Yes. Adventurous? Mwoah.

Same or George

In the end it was up to Sylvia to make the difficult choice between the two. There was no romance during both dates, so there was no kissing or even a small kiss. Sylvia really had to start from her feeling and decided to choose Joris. A logical choice in our opinion, since we thought the two were a good match from the start. And the viewers on Twitter seem to think the same way.

‘That’s how it should be’

Where there is normally a lot of hatred on Twitter, this was absolutely not the case. Viewers are very pleased with this season and Sylvia’s choice. “Syl really is my favorite Bachelorette, so sincere and disarming. It also says something that those men are not angry when they are sent away, but rather grateful,” a viewer begins.

Viewers express their praise for the brand new couple. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! That’s how it should be. Good luck!!!!” and “Sil really made the right choice! This is a top set. Hopefully they stay together ❤️”

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