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A man keeps something. And not just in terms of paperwork, such as contracts, statements and policies. We store just as much digitally. From your mobile phone number to the digital tax returns from more than five years ago and perhaps everything in between. It is usually sensitive information that you do not want anyone else to find out about. That’s why it’s good to know about it data destruction think about it if you are going to get rid of your old laptop, for example, so that your personal data is really gone.

Data destruction analog and digital

Data destruction can be done both analog and digital. Analogously, it means that documents with personal data, bank cards and other sensitive information that you can physically hold go through a shredder, so that they are completely shredded. These chips are then easy to throw away with the old paper of course. Digital data destruction actually works the same, except that the digital data is shredded by means of a hard disk shredder. Of course, these hard disks are registered before they are destroyed, because you will receive proof of this. This is usually done for companies, but of course you can also have private data destroyed.

Replace hard drives

Hard disks can be easily removed from old computers and replaced with new ones. The reason for replacing the hard disk can have several reasons. Maybe you want to sell your computer – but without the possibility that the new owner can retrieve your personal data. But it may also be that you just want to install a new hard disk with more memory and have already transferred the data. Whatever the reason, it is always wise to have them destroyed. Data destruction always takes place at the refurbishing of computers and even mobile phones. Although with the latter no hard disk is shredded.

Overwrite software

But what if you don’t want to destroy the hard disk in its entirety? For example, if you just want to use a computer or mobile phone. Or simply because you cannot remove the memory disk (for example, with tablets and laptops). Even then it is possible to completely remove the personal data from the hard disk without destroying the hard disk itself. Think of a refurbished laptop or mobile phone; here, the memory is completely erased with a special computer program by overwriting existing data with random ones and zeros. If the memory is then completely overwritten with this new information, all old information that might still be present in the depths of a hard disk is completely removed.

Analog Destruction

To come back to analog data destruction; if you have a lot of documents that contain personal information, it is advisable to invest in a good paper shredder. For example, you can easily reduce an archive with bank statements more than five years old to snippets in a day. These shredded paper can then simply be disposed of with the old paper, according to the waste separation guide. If you don’t like the idea, take the shredded paper to the recycling center where it will quickly disappear in the masses. There are also companies that can take care of the destruction of such sensitive documents for you in a secure manner.

Protect your personal information

Data destruction is a form of protecting your personal data on hard drives, memory cards and other data carriers of computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other computer-controlled devices. By really destroying the data, you ensure that this data cannot fall into the hands of other users. Therefore, also have private documents and hard drives destroyed by professionals, so that your data is irreversibly lost.

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