‘Destination X’: This is the winner of the first season

The finale of the first season of Destination X is done! And finally we know the secret location of Kevin Janssens. He was in a beach house at the Seven Sisters on the coast of England. It was Gino who was the first to arrive there and so the firefighter won the prize of 50,000 euros.

After 6,043 kilometers on bus Xavier, we finally know Destination X, the final location of the program of the same name. Together with that final location, we also know the first winner, the 54-year-old firefighter Gino.

Pairi Daiza

In the first assignment it seemed as if Gino and Dorien had ended up in Japan, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because Gino and Dorien were just in the Pairi Daiza animal park in our own country.

In an assignment where the focus was on balance, Dorien was able to impress and easily beat Gino. That gave her an interesting advantage during the very last play.

Gino and Dorien didn’t have to play that last game alone. They were allowed to enlist a dropped candidate to help them on their final test. Dorien chose the last dropout Jef, Gino went for the tactical Zeno.

Back to the UK

For the last assignment, the finalists returned to where it all started: Wevelgem airport. From there they flew – this time for real – with small stunt planes to the United Kingdom. There they had to try to find the exact location of Kevin Janssens. They could find out by collecting the coordinates at telephone booths. Each time there was an assignment waiting for them that was inspired by an assignment they had done before.

Because Dorien won the assignment in Pairi Daiza, she and her partner Jef were allowed to leave 15 minutes earlier than Gino and Zeno. As a result, Gino always lagged behind. But because Gino was able to skip the fifth phone booth, he was eventually able to keep up with Dorien. Dorien arrived first at the last phone booth. It was an assignment that she performed flawlessly last episode, but now the stress was clearly playing tricks on her. Gino had a firmer hand and was able to dissolve the spiral faster that way. He was the first to leave for Kevin Janssens.


Thanks to his regained lead, Gino was the first to reach Kevin Janssens’ location, a picturesque beach house on the British coast. But there was one last assignment waiting for him: to arrange the exit locations in the correct order. He lost a lot of time here, but he was still able to fill it in correctly first.

And so Gino became the very first winner of Destination X. “It was a fantastic experience. I never thought I’d get this far, but I’ve always said I’d sell my skin dearly. And now I’m the lucky one, wow!” said the emotional winner. Gino is immediately 50,000 euros richer, but he will donate part of it to his help during the final, Zeno.

Check out how Gino Destination X wins:

There will be a special last episode of it next Monday Destination X in which all candidates look back on their adventure together.

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