Demi de Boer shares a sad message about daughter

Demi de Boer is currently having a very difficult time. She is concerned about her daughter’s health. Through her Instagram story, she asked for help from other moms.

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Previously recorded

The daughter of Demi de Boer and Ronnie Flex had been hospitalized before. She shared the sad news on Demi’s Instagram page. “On Insta I often only post the nice things about being a mother, but sometimes it is also good to show the reality,” she began her message. Daughter Rémi was in the hospital. She had been admitted for dehydration due to a virus.

She said things were going in the right direction, but she warned all moms to listen to their instincts. Fortunately, she was able to go home quickly. The sad news is not long ago. At the moment the weather is not going well with daughter Remi.

Eating and drinking is not allowed

The daughter of Demi de Boer and Ronnie Flex appears to have thrush. Those are white spots in the mouth. “My little mouse has had such a sore mouth for two days now,” she begins her story on Instagram. “It turns out to be thrush, possibly due to antibiotics she had recently,” she continues. A gel for in the mouth does not seem to work enough yet. Does anyone have experience with this? How long will this misery last?” Demi asks.

“I can’t stand it. Eating and drinking is not possible because of the pain.” Fortunately, there are plenty of mothers who can help Demi. Not long later, she shares all the messages she has received on Instagram. She has received many tips about probiotics and coconut oil. Demi is very grateful to everyone. We wish daughter Remi a speedy recovery!

half the farmer
Source: @demideboer

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