Deloitte sets up BU for generative AI implementations

Deloitte recently set up its own generative AI business unit. This is to help companies implement generative AI and extract value from it.

For example, the new business unit focuses on ChatGPT in business environments. According to Deloitte, the use of generative AI can provide companies with a lot of value, provided the right strategy is in place.

Research and support

Deloitte’s AI practice focuses on helping to implement third-party generative AI solutions, but will also develop its own solutions. An important part of this is the Generative AI Market Incubator with a specialized team of engineers. These engineers focus on quickly developing and implementing generative AI pilots.

In addition, there will be a special research and development team that will work with partners on training and optimizing AI foundation models. The new AI practice will also help companies solve ethical, legal and policy issues surrounding generative AI.

The collaboration with the Deloitte AI Academy will focus on searching for AI talent and providing training in the use of generative AI.

Many possibilities

Deloitte itself sees many immediate opportunities for companies in using generative AI, as evidenced by its recent AI Dossier report. Think of more productivity for developers, fraud detection, optimizing the supply chain and ‘smart’ factories.

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