Delicious! Baileys comes with a new flavor

We love Baileys, we don’t hide that. We have already tasted almost all flavors and are especially fans of the sea salt caramel and tiramisu Baileys. But now there is a new favorite, because Baileys comes with a new taste. Meet Bailey’s hazelnut.

Sounds like music to the ears.

Baileys introduces a new flavour: hazelnut

Baileys heralds spring with a brand new variety: Hazelnut. The new flavor is a delicious blend of the traditional Irish Cream liqueur mixed with a warm, nutty taste of roasted hazelnut. Treat yourself to this perfect treat during a quiet evening on the couch, or serve it during a cozy evening with your favorite friends or family.

Best of all: the brand new flavor is simply available on the shelves of Albert Heijn and Jumbo. So no more rushing to the liquor store.

Nutterlicious Martini

We are sold and can’t wait to try the new flavour. We often throw the creamy liqueur into our espresso martinis, but now we have a new recipe for you, in which the hazelnut works well.


50 ml Baileys Hazelnut, 100 ml almond milk, 10 grams melted chocolate, 30 grams finely chopped hazelnuts, 1 half banana, a handful of ice cubes and finely chopped hazelnuts to top off.


1. Mix the Baileys Hazelnut, the ice cubes, the almond milk and the banana in the blender until a creamy whole is created.

2. Dip the rim of your glasses in the melted chocolate and top the rim of your glass with the finely chopped nuts.

3. Pour the Baileys mix into the glass.

4. Enjoy!

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Baileys comes with a new flavor and you want to make this martini with it

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