De Mos advises van Nistelrooij for a top match against Ajax: ‘They are vulnerable there, PSV wins’

Aad de Mos thinks that PSV has a good chance of winning the top match against Ajax.

The analyst sees that both teams are vulnerable, but sees a certain weapon at PSV that Ajax can hardly defend against. De Mos gives van Nistelrooij advice without obligation.

“PSV and Ajax both have weaknesses, just look at the defense. Extremely vulnerable,” says De Mos in a video item from the Eindhovens Dagblad. “PSV naturally took the Johan Cruijff Scale at the expense of Ajax and won very convincingly in the competition in the Johan Cruijff Arena. I put my money on PSV.”

“They are good with set pieces and that is important against Ajax, because they have few headers”, De Mos continues on Sunday’s top match in the Philips Stadium. “PSV can also do a little more at home. It is the competition of almost forty million euros, isn’t it”, de Mos points out the interests that come with second place.

De Mos would leave Guus Til in PSV’s starting line-up. “That is a life-threatening weapon, because Ajax has trouble with running players. And he scores easily. I wouldn’t touch it,” said De Mos. As usual, De Mos gives his prediction: “PSV beat Ajax 3-1.”

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