‘De Mol’: This is your new main suspect just before the fifth episode

The mole is now halfway through, so most viewers have already found a permanent prime suspect. After Leïla’s exit last week, there are still six candidates in the game and one in our Facebook group is clearly a lot more suspicious than the rest.

In our Facebook group DE MOL 2023: all hints and tips! every week we ask our members who their prime suspect is. This week 1,078 people shared their opinion and that results in the following ranking after the third episode.


Last week Toos was still in first place in our group, but this week it’s someone else. Thomas, who was the second most suspected candidate last week, now towers above the rest. He gets 339 votes, good for 31.5 percent or almost a third of all votes.

In second place is Ruben, who has been in the first part of the list since the first week. He received 243 votes this week, good for 22.5 percent of the total number of votes.

Lancelot at the very bottom

At the bottom there is something remarkable to see. Lancelot, who was most suspected after the first week, is now all alone at the bottom. He barely received 54 votes this week, good for 5 percent of the total. Lieselot, who, like Lancelot, left pass questions to collect 5,000 euros, also received few votes this week. With 110 she gets twice as many as Lancelot, but in the end that is only good for 10.2 percent of the vote.

Toos and Comfort ended up in the middle. Toos thus received 174 votes (16.14 percent) behind his name and Comfort, who received a huge advantage in last week’s elimination, received 158 votes (14.66 percent).

View the full ranking of suspicions in our Facebook group here:

Suspects De Mol group episode 4

Do you want to vote next week? Then join our Facebook group DE MOL 2023: all hints and tips!.

The mole can be seen every Sunday at 7.55 pm on Play4 and online via GoPlay.be.

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