‘De Mol’: Teaser shows hilarious moments in the car

Tonight we are ready for the fifth episode of The mole and that means the journey is already more than halfway. As a result, the candidates have already become a close-knit group. However, there are still clear differences within the group. We now get to see them in a teaser for tonight’s episode.

In the teaser for the episode of The mole this evening you can see how the six remaining candidates drive to the next location in two cars. It will be the last time we see the group driving in two cars, because after tonight only five candidates will remain and they can of course move in one car. But in one of their last split runs, there is a clear difference between the two cars.

africa from Toto

In one car, in which Thomas, Lieselot and Ruben are seated, the legendary song is sung loudly. africa from Toto. They also want Lancelot, Comfort and Toos to enjoy their singing skills in the other car, so they sing loudly into the walkie-talkie.

But their beautiful singing doesn’t come across quite the same in the other car. They only hear some incoherent cries. As a result, Lancelot even starts to worry a bit. “Men, what is happening?”. Comfort then thinks that it is enough and asks in Bart De Wever style to “turn off the switch”.

Watch the teaser for the episode here The mole from tonight:

The mole can be seen every Sunday at 7.55 pm on Play4 and online via GoPlay.be.

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