‘De Mol’ dropout: “I had been at Leïla for weeks”

The mole dropout 5

The fifth episode of The mole victimized again. The new dropout had been on Leïla as a mole since the beginning and had to start completely from scratch after her exit last week. And at this point in the game, of course, that’s a huge risk. A risk that Lieselot was fatal.

Then they were five. Butcher Lieselot had to The mole leave tonight. The West Flemish butcher provided many hilarious moments, but now has to return to her popular preparation.


The big problem for Lieselot was the departure of Leïla, whom she had suspected as a mole since the beginning. “After the elimination of Leïla, I had to look for a new mole, because I had bet a considerable part on her every time. So when she lost weight, I had to start over. So I went for my second suspect. Unfortunately, I think I didn’t play tactically enough and let my feelings play too big a role. It felt like we were just traveling and I too often forgot that there was a mole among us.”

“I always thought it was strange when dropouts said: ‘I saw it coming’. But now I felt exactly the same way. I knew I had suspected the wrong person the past few episodes. Starting again in the middle of the game was therefore less obvious. I was very happy that I got this far. The ‘visitor episode’ is the cape you really want to reach. It was also very nice to see Veerle, my cousin, at that time. I’m also glad it wasn’t my husband Xavier because I missed the home front so much and I think I would have had even more trouble keeping my head on the game.”

Start separately from the group

Lieselot literally had a special start to her adventure. Because she accepted the offer to win an exemption in the first episode, she had to spend that first episode isolated from the rest. “I felt lost. Strange but true, I missed the group I didn’t know. I was also afraid that I wouldn’t fit in, never belong. Because in the end I joined for that, to go on a trip with a group of strangers who hopefully would also become good friends. So I was very relieved with the green screen. And I also swore in that caravan that I would never ask for exemptions or
would choose fitting questions.”

And Lieselot kept that promise. Twice an advantage was up for grabs for her, but she chose to leave it. “I have absolutely no regrets that I did not take any pass questions or exemptions. However, I had said in advance that I would go for all exemptions anyway. My decision not to do that has only partly to do with the exclusion in the first episode. My choice was mainly made by how I am put together. I wanted to play the game fair for myself. We all had such a great bond that I didn’t want to diminish the chances of others. For example, if Conny had had to go home while I had an exemption, I would have felt guilty about it. I did not consciously send others into it so as not to do it either. On the contrary, Toos was fully awarded the exemption. Or had another couple got in the room and taken two waivers, I’d be disappointed for the money lost, but happy for them to make it to the next episode.”

Cutest moment

Lieselot looks back on her adventure with fond memories. “What I liked most was not knowing what awaits you. I am usually the planner of the family so it felt very relaxing to just walk along like a ‘duckling’. I actually laughed myself to death on some assignments. In the truck with the eggs, for example. Leïla and I were relieved that we were finally safe when we sat down, but when the jeep took off, we really saw the eggs flying out of our suit before our very eyes. Then I really had to cry with laughter.”

“What will stay with me the most is the fact that they took me out of the caravan, that feeling. They could have left me perfectly. And had they done so, I would have understood that completely, they were a close-knit group at the time and I was the intruder who had chosen for himself. But they did it anyway and I will never forget the relief I felt at the time. I have found friendships for life. As diverse as we all were, what united us was the respect we had for each other. And anyway you can tell others what it was like, but only they have experienced it. It creates a bond for life. I found what I was looking for The mole.”


Last episode Lieselot and Lancelot provided a hilarious moment with their conversation about préparé. “The preparé is still doing great! People really come from afar for a game. Recently a couple came all the way from Bruges. It was also a lot of fun to listen to the theories of the customers in the store. And striking: a lot of people think that I am the mole or that I will win. Yes, some customers will regret that I am now out of the game. Fortunately, our preparé will continue to exist!”

“I thought it was very strange that I was suspected, because I had the feeling that after the first episode I was no longer suspicious at all. In the end I thought no one would think I was the mole after the first episode. Or when I left the pass questions with Lancelot. Some even saw a mole in that. With the potato test or the pass questions that I might lift, I understand that it came across as suspicious, although I really didn’t do that consciously. But I always wanted to bring in money.”

The mole can be seen every Sunday at 7.55 pm on Play4 and online via GoPlay.be.

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