D-Link introduces powerful 5G/LTE Outdoor CPE

D-Link has announced the all-new 5G/LTE Outdoor CPE (DWP-1010), connecting users to ultra-fast 5G internet at multigigabit speeds.

The powerful 5G/LTE outdoor unit delivers high-speed multigigabit connectivity and provides wired wireless access (FWA) for large enterprises, SMBs and households in suburban and rural locations. It offers an alternative to fixed lines or fiber optic connections in urban areas. The device has a robust design and six internal 5G/LTE antennas, and is easy to install anywhere for optimal 5G reception.


The DWP-1010 is versatile and meets the needs of various businesses. For SMBs, the device can be used for backup or load sharing with wired internet for a fail-safe, always-on connection. It also provides advanced connectivity for factories or warehouses in remote locations. With the 5G/LTE Outdoor CPE, service providers can deliver multigigabit internet to multiple customers in rural areas without installing expensive fiber or wiring.

With 5G and LTE dual-mode support, the DWP-1010 delivers next-gen 5G speeds up to 4 Gbps and 4T LTE speeds up to 2 Gbps. The 5G to LTE fallback function ensures that users stay connected even if the 5G signal fails.

The DWP-1010 is easy to install, featuring a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. The device can be powered and connected via a single Ethernet cable without the need for an additional power cable. The multigigabit Ethernet port maximizes data throughput.

Rugged for outdoors

The DWP-1010 is specially designed for outdoor use and has a robust IP67 weatherproof housing to protect the device against extreme weather conditions. The DWP-1010 is easy to install, use and manage and offers flexible installation options. For best reception, it can be mounted on a pole or wall, on roofs, balconies and exterior walls.

The DWP-1010 is designed to help businesses and households take advantage of the growing 5G coverage in Europe. The device is Made in Taiwan (MIT), providing guaranteed quality and exceeding expectations in terms of reliability.

Availability and prices

The DWP-1010 is available immediately for a suggested retail price of EUR 1017 ex. VAT.

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