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Even if you’re not a “dessert person” (as some people like to call themselves), you’ll go for this matcha tiramisu. The beautiful green color of the matcha tea makes you want to dive right in with a spoon. In addition, it is also deceptively delicious.

If you can make tiramisu with coffee, you can also make it with matcha (fine green tea), or so we thought. Matcha also has the property of going ridiculously well with sweet desserts. It has something bitter and sweet at the same time that, once you get used to it, is addictive.

You can buy matcha at most Asian supermarkets, tea shops and online at Hug the Tea or Simon Lévelt.

matcha tiramisu recipe
Source: Nancy van Batenburg for Culy

This is how you make this matcha tiramisu

Beat the egg yolks and 50 grams of sugar with a whisk until light and airy in a large bowl. Mix in the mascarpone. Tip: the mascarpone is quite stiff so you have to use your muscles. Make it a bit easier for yourself and add the mascarpone in three parts.

Grab a mixer and use it to beat the whipped cream and 25 grams of sugar until the whipped cream has stiff peaks. Then carefully fold the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture.

Mix the rest of the sugar (50 grams) with 250 ml water and a tablespoon of the matcha in a small bowl.

Prepare an oven dish and dip the sponge fingers one by one into the matcha mixture and place them next to each other in the oven dish. Make sure that the entire bottom is covered (you can cut the ladyfingers to size if necessary).

Spoon a third (or half, depending on the height and size of your baking dish) of the mascarpone mixture onto the sponge fingers. Spread it with a spatula and make sure it is smooth.

Sprinkle half a tablespoon of matcha powder over this (for example with a tea strainer), until you have a nice green layer.

Repeat the steps above, but don’t sprinkle matcha over the top layer of the matcha tiramisu yet (it will darken in the fridge).

The tiramisu can now first be covered with plastic wrap in the fridge for an hour or two. Then take it out and sprinkle with the rest of the matcha.

Scrape the smooth side of the chocolate bar with a chef’s knife to create nice, large chocolate curls. Sprinkle the matcha tiramisu with the chocolate and dig in.

matcha tiramisu recipe
Source: Nancy van Batenburg for Culy

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Culy Homemade: matcha tiramisu

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