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Either cooking is pure relaxation for you or you look forward to putting a meal on the table. But it certainly doesn’t have to be the latter, because the motto of a fun lifestyle is to fully enjoy every moment! So both making and enjoying treats should be fun and cooking as relaxation can be done with these tips.

Cooking as relaxation
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Technical gadgets for cooking as relaxation

To get creative while cooking without sacrificing quality time, you can count on some handy tools today. Just think of the kitchens that are equipped with the most modern gadgets to make cooking easier. A smart oven that calculates the perfect baking time itself? Or a hob with a timer function that you can control remotely? Everything is possible. Very handy for those who do not want to lose a second and at the same time can rest assured that the meal is perfectly ready when you want to go to the table. With peace of mind you can also enjoy the delicious meal that you have prepared yourself.

Your own bakery

It can be wonderful to serve homemade bread. If you’ve never tried it yourself, now is the time. A bread machine is the easiest way, but you can also get started manually with water, flour, yeast and a little salt. Just for the delicious smell of freshly baked bread, you should try it! How about a slice of bread with herb butter as a companion to a tasty cheese board? Or are you going for a surprise bread filled with tasty cheese, tomatoes and salami? It takes some time, but it’s so tasty and healthy that you won’t want to trade it in for bread bought from the supermarket.

Cooking as relaxation
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In Italian

Have you ever rolled out pizza dough yourself? A breeze once you get the hang of it. Bet you’ll never buy pre-made pizza bases again? Cover the bottom with (leftover) vegetables that you still have in the fridge and conjure up a nice hot meal on the table in no time. Please note that not every kitchen worktop is suitable for kneading and rolling dough. Marble and granite, for example, are very popular with bakers, while your dough sticks on a wooden worktop.

Chic dining

And when you have a delicious meal in the oven, you can pay more attention to the table decorations. Even without a special occasion, a beautifully laid table is a feast for the eyes. Beautiful pottery in combination with, for example, some flowers and candles, creates a relaxed atmosphere and happiness at the table. This way you immediately have a restaurant feeling without having to leave home. Cooking becomes a relaxation instead of an effort. Tasty!

Do you ever do cooking for relaxation?

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