Columnist stern: “De Bruyne has turned into an aggrieved crybaby, as if he has come to believe he is a gift”

There was a lot to do this week about Kevin De Bruyne’s substitution in the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

Kevin De Bruyne had to go to Pep Guardiola’s side halfway through the second half and he was not completely satisfied with that.

The case got all blown up afterwards as if KDB was angry with his coach and strongly disagreed.

The truth has its rights: it should not be taken that seriously. Columnist Niko Dijkshoorn is strict for the Red Devil.

“De Bruyne has indeed changed. Perhaps he has started to believe that he is special because of the permanent admiration,” it sounds in Het Nieuwsblad.


“Now KDB has turned into an aggrieved crybaby. Seems like he’s actually come to believe he’s a gift.”

Dijkshoorn himself doubts this statement. And he likes the new Kevin in itself, if it’s a new one at all.

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