Cleaning Your Laptop Screen? April 2023

At some point you don’t prevent it. Even if you try to keep everything as clean as possible. The screen of your laptop will eventually get dirty. Then it’s time to clean the screen of your laptop.

It may seem like a very simple job, but there are a few things you need to remember. This is to get the screen clean, but also to prevent damage.

In this post I’m going to tell you what you should pay attention to if you want to clean the screen of your laptop.

Which cloth should I use?

If you want to clean the screen of your laptop, it is important that you choose the right cloth to use. Not all cloths are well suited for this.

What you should never use is a paper towel, a tea or towel, or an old shirt. These can contain grains of sand and other hard things. The chance that you will get scratches on your screen is very high.

If you have scratches on the screen of your laptop, you can never repair it.

Microfiber cloth is best

Cleaning the screen of your laptop with a microfiber cloth

The best way to clean your screen is with a microfiber cloth. Make sure you grab a clean cloth for this. If you use a dirty cloth, the screen may just get dirtier.

Depending on how dirty your screen is, you can try cleaning it with a dry cloth first. If there is mainly dust on your screen, you can wipe it off with a dry cloth.

This kite will not work if there are grease stains or fingerprints on your screen. This happens especially quickly with laptops where the screen is also a touchscreen.

Clean laptop screen with liquid

If you can’t clean your screen with a dry cloth, you need a liquid to clean the screen.

Never use cleaning agents such as Glassex or any other glass cleaner for this. These cleaning agents are far too aggressive for cleaning your laptop screen. You may get the screen nice and clean, but these cleaning agents can also damage the screen.

You can make the cleaning agent you need yourself. If you mix water with a little vinegar, you have the best cleaning agent for your laptop screen.

Always wet the cloth, not the screen

If you need to clean the screen of your laptop with a liquid, it is important that you wet the cloth and not the screen. If you spray the liquid directly on the screen, there is a chance that liquid will run into the screen or keyboard.

If water seeps into the screen or any other part of the laptop, it can eventually cause corrosion of the metal parts. This significantly shortens the life of the laptop.

So wet the cloth with the liquid you are going to use. Wring the cloth well so that it is not too wet. Wipe the smudges off the screen with the half-wet cloth.

Can’t get the stains off the screen in one go? Then wet the cloth again, wring it out again and wipe the screen again. Keep repeating this until the stains are gone. Also remember not to press too hard on the screen.

Cleaning the screen of your laptop: Switch off the laptop

laptop screen off when you are going to clean the screen

When you are going to clean the screen of your laptop, it is important that you switch off the entire laptop and remove the power supply. This way you can be sure that there is no longer any voltage on the laptop. Only the battery still supplies voltage, but that does not cause any problems.

When the laptop is off, the screen is black. You can see the smudges much better on the black screen than when the screen is on.

It also gives a nicer feeling. If you clean the laptop screen with a wet cloth, it’s nice to know that it’s completely switched off.

Conclusion: Clean the screen of your laptop

If you follow the steps above correctly, you can clean the screen of your laptop in a safe and proper way.

You can also buy special fluid. This liquid has been specially developed to clean monitors. They are slightly more powerful than a water/vinegar mixture, but in the end you will achieve the same thing.

When you use water and vinegar, you probably spend a little longer cleaning, but the result is the same.

Good luck cleaning your laptop screen.

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