“ChatGPT: revolution in the labor market is inevitable”

Nina Schick is an author and renowned keynote speaker specializing in technology and artificial intelligence. In 2020 she published her first book, “Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse: What You Urgently Need to Know”. Schick is a graduate of Oxford University and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In the run-up to the Cybersec Europe fair (on 19 and 20 April at Brussels Expo) she shared an exclusive interview with Business AM her vision on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our society.

Is the fear of jobs justified?

Nina Schick: “That fear is justified, because I think we are going to see a revolution in the labor market. And this is not about automating regular factory jobs, where this kind of disruption already happened. We are talking about white-collar workers: so the automation of jobs of developers, graphic designers, lawyers, script writers, authors.”

“I think certain jobs or aspects of jobs in industries will be automated by AI, let’s face it. But I also think it is a misconception to think of the number of human jobs as finite, and that those jobs taken up by AI cannot be replaced.”

“I think of generative AI as a tool for human productivity, human creativity, human output, … There is no finite human productivity or activity. So I think this is going to manifest in new jobs, other jobs, more jobs.”

Do you also see this technology being used as a weapon?

“There is no doubt that this technology can be used as a weapon. After all, this is a story about humanity. This is a story about people and what they do when they have extremely powerful tools at their disposal.”

“What we are already seeing is that some people are trying to do incredible things. Like using generative AI to pioneer medical research, to find new drugs, to find cancer treatments, to make creativity accessible to everyone, to use generative AI to personalize education for people who don’t have access to the internet or education are able to do so with the help of AI.”

“But there is absolutely no question that this will be used as a disinformation tool, as an identity theft tool, as a mass fraud tool. So in the end, for me, this is the perfect embodiment or example of the nature of humanity, with the ying comes the yang.”


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