ChatGPT is indeed going to take over jobs

ChatGPT is it all. Everyone is talking about it, large companies such as Snapchat and Microsoft are implementing it in their apps and the tool is getting more and more powerful (partly due to the upgrade to GPT-4). Artificial intelligence is fun to play with, but there are also many people who fear that their jobs will be taken away. Is that really going to happen?

What was often said about classic robots is now also said about artificial intelligence: it will take all our jobs! After all, the program can do all kinds of things that you would normally hire someone to do. You can ask it to make you a sports schedule, to plan a weekend in London or to write you a poem. It can even generate images, so you don’t need an artist if you need an illustration.


Although that is indeed correct in theory, we still see that ChatGPT is not exactly sacred. The program makes a lot of mistakes and you can certainly not always rely on it working properly. It still spreads many falsehoods. However, that will eventually get better: ChatGPT is learning more and more about us as people and it is the intention that he talks to us more and more naturally and also gives better advice in a more natural way. So while it certainly doesn’t seem like such a big threat now, it could be in the long term.

However, if you start thinking about what ChatGPT does, you might realize a little faster that it’s not just going to take away jobs. After all, he only gets his information from the internet, so in that sense you can have it make a sports schedule, but you can also google for a sports schedule and find one yourself. ChatGPT is a lot, but one very important thing it is not: personal.

Is AI taking over our jobs?

Whether that can and will come, time will tell, but for now the bot is actually mainly a kind of ‘omniscient oracle’ that is not that omniscient at all, but also just googles for the answer. It is of course the intention that the algorithm will continue to improve and it will acquire more intelligence of its own, but what we have seen from ChatGPT so far is mainly a kind of conduit. In short, the information you receive can already be found online. Did you get rid of your personal trainer because you thought: yes, but I can also google a training schedule? Precisely.

ChatGPT is of course getting smarter, but at the moment it is still creating jobs, at companies that think: we have to do something with this. At the same time, it can’t hurt to teach yourself some more skills. It is useful, for example, to look at skills that you cannot actually automate, such as courses on emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Ultimately, AI will mainly solve things for us that we don’t like to do ourselves. This is therefore a good reason to think carefully about what you do want to do and where you can offer added value. And also: how ChatGPT can help you with your job, so that you can do more fun things.

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