Chantal from MAFS lashes out at Monica Geuze

In a new episode of Realiteawhich is hosted by Fawry, Chantal Huf slides out Married At First Sight On. She tells her story and lashes out at one specific person and that is not Henk, but none other than Monica Geuze.

Wenkie, as we know her, clearly has a bone to pick with her.

Chantal from MAFS lashes out at Monica Geuze

Before Chantal joins Realitea she had one demand: Monica Geuze must not come near her. According to Chantal, Monica has embarrassed her with the statements she made about Chantal in, among other things, her podcast with Kaj Gorgels.

“She had quite a judgment and made statements about me during my participation in Married,” says Chantal in her conversation with Fawry. Monica would have called her a bitch and laughed because Chantal did not know that a hair salon did not come from Turkey, but simply from Rotterdam. “Bitch? Oh yeah? Who are you then, Monica?” says Chantal.

Chantal also indicates that she slipped into Monica’s DM to invite her to eat a hair salon together. “I also sent her DMs with ‘Hey listen bitch, maybe you should go eat a real Rotterdam hair salon with me. Would be real or […] But of course there was no response to that.”

Chantal and Hank

There is no question of love between Chantal and Henk, who during their participation in Married At First Sight turned out not to be a match. We don’t have to hope for a meeting either, because Chantal makes it clear that she and Henk don’t speak to each other. “There is no relationship, zero. There is no contact, there was never any contact,” she says to Fawry. There is already a new love in Chantal’s life, but she does not reveal much about it.

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This candidate from MAFS lashes out at Monica Geuze: ‘Bitch? Oh yeah? Then who are you?’

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