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After a changeable March, April also seems to be offering us changeable spring weather again in the coming week, with occasional showers or a rain zone. Temperatures are also taking a step back and are again hovering around 10 degrees rather than 15 degrees. Stable and warm spring weather is still not forthcoming, is there hope from mid-April?

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Current weather in Europe

To take a look at the European weather picture, we look at a European weather map with the position of the pressure areas. Currently, two high pressure areas dominate Europe. One near the United Kingdom and one in the east/northeast of Europe. In between, a low-pressure area has managed to move southeast with mixed spring weather (and snow at higher elevations) across much of Central Europe. The south of Europe, and certainly Spain, is already experiencing summer vicissitudes. Temperatures easily climb past 25 degrees due to the presence of a high pressure area.

European weather map from the KNMI

Once the wind blows from that corner to the Benelux, we will also get warm spring weather here, but for now the heat seems to be limited to the Iberian Peninsula, which is not good for the forest fires that are gradually emerging in that region.

Maxima on Friday, April 7

Weather forecast for the next few days

The Easter weekend is mainly dry. On Saturday we will start with a lot of (low) clouds in a large part of the Netherlands and Belgium, but gradually some clearance will arise, especially in Belgium and the south of the Netherlands. Throughout the day, the clouds continue to dominate in the north and gradually shift to the south. The maxima are around normal temperatures for the time of year and fluctuate between 10 and 14 degrees. The wind is blowing weak to moderate from the northeast.

Maxima on Saturday, April 8
Clear spells are possible, especially in the central part of the Benelux

Sunday, Easter, the wind gradually turns east to southeast and drier country air is brought in that way. The clouds break and cloud fields and clearances alternate, later even broad clearances. It stays dry everywhere. Thanks to the sunshine, temperatures rise to values ​​between 11 and 16 degrees. Have a nice spring day!

Maxima on Sunday 9 April

Precipitation zones are again approaching our regions in the new working week. Monday will start dry with many medium cloud fields, but the cloud base gradually drops and it starts to rain in the afternoon. Temperatures continue to do well despite the rain with maxima around 12 degrees in the Ardennes and by the sea and up to 14-16 degrees elsewhere. There is a moderate wind from the southwest.

Maxima on Monday, April 10
Precipitation amounts on Monday according to ICON

The changeable spring weather continues in the following days with an alternation of cloud fields and clear spells on Tuesday, but also a few showers. Temperatures gradually drop and fluctuate between 8 and 12 degrees. Also on Wednesday it promises to be changeable and wet with another active precipitation zone that washes over the Benelux from west to east. After the rain zone it clears up again. Even then, the maxima will remain between 8 and 11 degrees, well below normal. The wind will also increase in strength on both days with wind gusts of up to 80 km/h at sea. It is more reminiscent of autumn than spring…

Maximum on Tuesday according to ICON
Maximums on Wednesday according to the US weather model

Long term weather forecast?

In the weather plume, an initial analysis of the weather in the longer term can be made. In addition, the weather for next week is pretty clear. From Monday there are daily chances of precipitation and temperatures are (well) below normal. Uncertainty clearly increases from mid-April. On the one hand, some members allow high pressure to prevail with higher maxima (towards 20 degrees or slightly more), but on the other hand, various members also allow the cool and changeable spring weather to continue. The same relationship is visible in the weather plume of the European weather model. Is there hope for drier and warmer spring weather after mid-April? Only time will tell, but the chance is there.

Weather plume American weather model

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