Celebrate Easter with a festive ice cream cake

Stress about the Easter brunch menu? Make it(er) yourself easier by using a festive ice cream cake, such as Hertog’s new Hertog IJssalon Feestje, as a fail-proof basis for your dessert or, even easier, simply as the dessert. This colorful combination of deliciously soft and creamy strawberry ice cream and marshmallow flavored ice cream has already been festively finished with a topping of colored chocolate confetti, so it’s ready to serve. But for those who like to do something extra, here’s a recipe!

Recipe for an even more festive ice cream cake

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 8 servings

1 container of Hertog Ice Cream Parlor Party (850 ml)

450 grams of butter cake

250 grams mascarpone cheese

100 ml whipped cream

25 grams of powdered sugar

24 grams of Klop-fix

5 wafer biscuits

10 strawberries

2 sprigs of mint

20 mini marshmallows


Ice cream scoop or spoon

Baking paper

Large bowl (20 x 30 cm for example)

Two plates

Preparation method:

Line 2 plates with parchment paper. Scoop 12 large balls with the ice cream scoop and place them on one plate. Scoop 6 smaller balls on the other plate. Put the plates in the freezer. Meanwhile, cut the cake lengthwise into 3 slices of equal thickness. Place the slices on the tray with the outside down. Form a rectangle of about 15 x 20 cm with the cake. Trim the slices slightly if necessary. In a bowl, mix the mascarpone with the whipped cream, icing sugar and whipping cream until stiff. Spread it in a thick layer over the cake base. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Break the waffles into 3 cm pieces. Clean the strawberries and cut them in half. Pick the leaves from the sprigs of mint. Divide the scoops of ice cream in 4 rows of 3 scoops over the mascarpone cream on the cake. Press them slightly. Place the 6 smaller balls between the large ones. Decorate the cake with the wafer pieces, strawberries, mini marshmallows and mint leaves. Slice the ice cream cake at the table and serve. Enjoy it together!

Prepping: Do you want to prepare your dessert in advance? Which can! You can make the ice cream cake up to and including step 4. Store in the fridge just before serving. Then divide the scoops of ice cream over the mascarpone layer and decorate the cake as desired.

Hertog IJssalon Feestje is available at all supermarkets for a retail price of € 5.45 each.

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