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Everyone knows the Landal holiday parks, but what many holidaymakers do not yet know is that it is also possible to camp at various parks. How nice is that! You can camp at Landal Coldenhoeve, Rabbit Hill, Esonstad and Sluftervallei. If we are allowed to go on holiday abroad again, it will also be possible to camp at the German parks Landal Sonnenergen, Warsberg and Wirfttal.

At the parks there are places for your own tent, camper or caravan and for those who like a little more luxury, there are glamping accommodations, such as safari tents, luxury mobile homes and woodlodges. Furthermore, camping guests can use the same facilities as park guests. Moreover, it is also possible to rent a fixed seasonal pitch. This way you can enjoy a mini-holiday in the middle of nature whenever you want.

1, Landal Coldenhoeve, Gelderland

Holiday Netherlands

Landal Coldenhoeve is located on the Veluwe in the town of Eerbeek, in Gelderland. Here you will find 180 camping pitches and 5 luxury safari tents. If you are here at the campsite, you can use all facilities that are open at the park. This way children can enjoy hours of fun. There are nice playgrounds both inside and outside. Moreover, the Veluwe nature is within reach, which you can enjoy walking through. The children can also lose all their energy here by running through the woods.

Furthermore, various sports can be practiced, such as basketball, football and volleyball. The sports and games options are endless. There is also a lovely swimming pool for the necessary water fun. At the moment it is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus. For a nice dinner you can go to restaurant De Brasserie or Pizza Limone for delicious Italian dishes.

2, Rabbit Hill, Veluwe

Campsite Landal Netherlands

Rabbit Hill is located in the town of Nieuw Milligen, in Gelderland. This campsite is open all year round and has good heated sanitary facilities. Here you will find 140 camping pitches, 15 mobile homes and 9 safari tents. If you opt for a camping pitch, you can still choose from the basic or the luxury camping pitch. You can enjoy yourself at the campsite and children have enough space to play here. In addition, various entertainment activities can be enjoyed at the park. Not everything is open at the moment, but you can pick up materials at a pick up point to use at the camping pitch. It is also very nice to rent bicycles at the park and explore the area. Cycle through the woods or visit nearby villages.

3, Esonstad, Friesland

Campsite Landal Netherlands

You will find it all the way in the north of the Netherlands Landal camping Esonstad in Friesland. At this campsite it is only possible to stay on a camping pitch with your own tent, caravan or camper. The campsite is also open from March 19 to November 5. Boredom is not an option here. With the outdoor sports and games you can be active in the open air. For example, play a game of football parents against the children or boys against the girls. Get your neighbors from the campsite and enjoy together. On sunny days you can take a dip in the open waters that are located near the park. Furthermore, a trip to Schiermonnikoog is definitely recommended. With a direct boat connection you can be here in no time!

4, Slufter valley, Texel

Campsite Landal Netherlands

On one of the most famous Wadden Islands in the Netherlands, Texel, you will find the Landal camping Slufter valley. From 26 March to 1 November it is possible to stay at this campsite. During your stay you can choose to spend the night at a camping site or in a mobile home or safari tent. The campsite is ideally located in a beautiful natural environment and 2 km from the beach. Moreover, you can enjoy walking and cycling on Texel to explore the island.

The island is not very big, which makes it possible to visit all the hotspots in a short time. Of course you don’t have to leave the campsite for entertainment. At the campsite itself you can use outdoor sports and games. You can also rent equipment to use at the campsite. To end the day well, you can order food at the restaurant and the snack bar and pick it up for take-away. You can eat this at home with the whole family.

Hopefully you have found a suitable Landal campsite in the Netherlands. You can discover all the campsites on our site here!

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