Buy PS5: PlayStation 5 console readily available at various webshops

The PlayStation 5 has been out of stock for quite a while – now there is regular stock again and the PlayStation 5 is readily available. There is also more and more stock available in the Netherlands around the PlayStation 5 console and various bundles.

PlayStation 5 stock

The PlayStation 5 has been difficult to obtain since its release due to low stock. Various factors such as production problems have caused problems for a long time.

It’s taken more than two years, but the PlayStation 5’s inventory problems have finally been largely resolved, without paying the top price to scalpers. The PlayStation 5 is currently in stock at the larger web stores.

Stock update PS5

As described above, the console is now readily available at the larger online stores. For example, the PlayStation 5 is directly available as a console via – there are also various bundles available.


The console is available via for an amount of 549 euros. For this you will receive the PlayStation 5 without additional bundles. There is also a PlayStation 5 God of War bundle available for an amount of 617 euros.

View the range on the site

Looking for a PlayStation 5? Don’t wait too long – stocks are still limited and demand for the new console in the Netherlands is still high.

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