Buy a balance bike for 1 year, the bike must meet these requirements!

Balance bikes for 1-year-olds: you see them flash by on their balance bikes: our little toddlers. But what about these balance bikes? Which is better for your child: a balance bike or a tricycle? Why is a balance bike good for his development? And where do you buy these bikes?

What should a good balance bike meet? In other words: what do you pay attention to when buying a balance bike?

What is a balance bike?

First of all, the definition: what is a balance bike?

A balance bike resembles a children’s bike, but there are no pedals on it. Your child will therefore sit on his saddle, but will have to push off with his legs on the ground to move forward.

So this creates a different way of moving. Balance bikes are suitable for children from about one and a half to four years old. The number of wheels differs per bicycle.

Buying a balance bike for a 1-year-old child, what should you pay attention to?

Why buy a balance bike for a 1 year old child?

Balance bikes are ideal for your 1-year-old and toddlers to develop their sense of balance. In this way he already learns how to steer and what it is like to move around with a bicycle.

It is good for his motor skills and he can also learn to deal with estimating speed and things like that. Another advantage is that your son or daughter will go further with a balance bike for 1 year or slightly older than walking, so it is ideal to take it with you when you want to go out for a while.

And it’s also just fun for your child!

How many wheels?

A balance bike for 1 year and older will of course have to be safe. Because the youngest children have not yet developed their sense of balance, it is best to opt for a balance bike with three or four wheels.

The rear wheels must therefore be wider apart than the front wheels. There are models that you can change from 3 wheels to 2, so the bike can grow with your child.

Also nice: there are even balance bikes with four wheels as cargo bikes! This way your child can immediately take his toys with him… As your child gets older, you prefer to switch to a two-wheel balance bike.

Where do you buy a balance bike?

You can buy balance bikes in many places. You can certainly go in all directions online. Make sure that the bicycle is of good quality, because your child must of course be able to move safely.

There are therefore a number of points that you should pay attention to when buying a balance bike for 1 year and older. Of course you pay attention the size of the bicycleor that suits your child. And whether it’s about a sturdy model go. But there are also more specific requirements.

The handlebar of the balance bike for 1 year

As mentioned, the size of the balance bike must fit your 1-year-old child. It is of course even more ideal if you have both handlebar and saddle can be adjusted in height.

This way you can adjust the height completely to your child. And you can enjoy the bike for longer. You also have to pay attention to the steering wheel that there is a steering limiter is present.

This prevents the steering wheel from turning too far, which can cause falls. Choose for a wide handlebar is also smart, because it gives your child more control over the bike.

The handlebars are at the correct height if your child can sit upright when holding the handlebars. Another point of attention the handlebar grips. Make sure they are not slippery. Rougher material ensures that your child has more grip.

Shape of the saddle of the balance bike for 1 to 4 years

Your child must be able to move his legs freely, which is why the shape of a balance bike saddle differs from that of a normal bicycle.

Where a normal bicycle saddle is wider at the back, it will a balance bike saddle must therefore be the same width everywhere.

It is also nice if the saddle has a kind of dimple so that your child is comfortable and does not shift so quickly. As mentioned, it is nice if you can raise the saddle. The height of the saddle is good if it is about the height of your child’s cruising height.

Or rather: if your child can reach the floor with his feet and keeps his knees slightly bent. This way he can safely reach the ground and he can push off well.

Balance bike tires

Choose tires that are inflatable. It gives the most comfort and grip. And it is also more sustainable. For a balance bike that is only used indoors by your 1-year-old child, you can opt for solid tires, because they cannot puncture and will not leave any traces on your floor.

balance bike 1 year; the entry

Also look at the height of the entry. A low entry is better because it makes it easier for your child to take a seat and is less likely to fall.

A chin guard

Also a smart idea is one chin guard. This is a foam rubber cover that is attached to the steering wheel with Velcro. If your child falls with his chin on the handlebars, it will hit less hard.

Which is better: a two-wheel balance bike or a bike with training wheels?

A balance bike has advantages over a bike with side wheels. This is how the little ones develop a better sense of balance. And would thus prepare even better for the real cycling work.

They are now working in a better way to keep their balance. A bicycle with training wheels often causes a child to sit crooked on his bicycle! And with a tricycle, your child can also hang in all directions without falling over.

With a balance bike he really has to do it himself. Of course a pedal tractor or a tricycle is not wrong or anything and also just fun to play with. Your child will then learn what stairs are to move forward. But for a real sense of balance, a balance bike (with two wheels) is more suitable for your child from 1 to 3 years old.

When to switch from a balance bike to a bicycle?

Then you may immediately have the question when you switch to a bicycle with pedals.

You can check whether your child has been sitting neatly on his balance bike for a long time without looking for support on the ground with his feet. Of course we are talking about balance bikes on 2 wheels. If he has made a speed so.

If he succeeds, he can keep his balance well. The transition to a bicycle is then not so big anymore. Really learning to cycle with 2 wheels (so without training wheels) will usually be at toddler age or just a little older. There are big differences per child here.

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