Bundle your best memories in a photo album!

Did you know that pictures tell us what’s important to us? For most people, photo books are one of the most valuable possessions. Life consists of many beautiful moments and we love to capture them. Despite the fact that we would like to remember everything, most memories are largely left behind. We need to let some memories pass by now and then to gain new experiences. Out of sight, but not out of mind with your own photo album! We are happy to give you some tips for creating your own lucky bundle in this blog!

Selecting photos

Although we may have many favorite pictures, it is good to make a selection. First, delete the failed and almost equal photos. You can have ten photos of the same object, but you don’t want a photo album full of the same shots, do you? It saves a lot of time if you first make a selection of the most important photos. When you have all the photos in a row, it’s good to come up with a theme for your photo book. For example, you can make a photo book of your favorite holiday, but you can also make a book of the past year in which you share the most important moments. What do you prefer?

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Create a story

A nice way to give your photos a nice place in your photo album is to work with a beginning and an end. For example, if you want to make a photo book of a holiday, you can start with the day of departure and end with the day you returned home safely. This way you ensure a chronological and structured whole that makes it easy to browse through. A story is of course not complete without text. You can often still remember the photo after a few years, but do you also remember the reason why you captured this particular place? Write a short piece and read it back to bring back your favorite memories!

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Get creative!

Let your creativity run wild by creating your own photo book. After all, it’s your book, so you can put it together all by yourself. For example, you can make a photo collage on several pages, where you can combine photos with a certain theme. You can also work with different color shades to create a certain atmosphere that suits your memory. Do you have a lot of holiday snaps with an overdose of wonderful sunbeams? Then give your theme a light / orange color, so that it fits nicely with your photos. Whatever you choose, remember that this book is all yours and that you can put your own spin on it. Nothing is too crazy!

How will you keep your best memories?

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