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Every week someone gives a look at her shopping cart and shopping list. They are not such culinary eaters, but the costs of groceries continue to rise, Michelle notices. In this edition of Budget Groceries you can read more about how Michelle approaches grocery shopping.

Introduce yourself!

I am Michelle, 36 years old, married and a mother of two. I work two days a week in a veterinary practice as an assistant, my husband works full time as a car mechanic. I do the shopping.

Is saving on groceries a topic that concerns you? Why or why not?

In terms of costs, I do notice an increase for groceries, but that is the case for everyone. We’ll make it, but I’m saving money.

Which supermarket(s) do you prefer to shop at and why? How many times a week do you shop and what do you spend on average?

Usually I go to Albert Heijn, sometimes to Lidl. I do groceries once for the whole week, but a second time is unavoidable. On average I spend €120 a week in the supermarket, but sometimes there is a more expensive receipt.

What did your most recent shopping list look like and what did you lose at the checkout?

Last week I bought soft drinks, cookies and chips on sale, so I mainly needed a lot of fresh things now. I pinned €109.24.

3 wholemeal bread
low-fat margarine
luncheon meat
piece of cheese
Hazelnut paste
liquid baking & roasting
green beans
Chinese wok vegetables
pork fillets
cattle finches
Chicken Sate
bacon cubes
Unox smoked sausage
2 oven chips
pizza dough tomato sauce
sprinkle cheese
canned pineapple slices
Honey vegetable soup
farmers vegetable soup
ground beef
boulogne baguette
2 whole milk
2 white custard
Mini babybell cheeses
candy cucumber

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Do you buy drugstore items (shampoo, detergent, etc.) in the supermarket or elsewhere? Why?

No, I buy it at the drugstore or order online. Often saves a lot of money.

Do you save with purchase stamps or other promotions? Why or why not?

Not stamps. For other actions, it depends on what it is. I did save with the Efteling savings campaign from Albert Heijn, we are planning one day Efteling during a study day (I saw that on Instagram a while ago, thanks for the tip).

What’s on the weekly menu? Where do you get meal inspiration from?

green beans with potatoes and pork fillets
beetroot with potatoes and beef tick
fried rice with satay and prawn crackers
homemade pizza
vegetable soup with sandwiches

We are not those culinary eaters. Often potatoes with vegetables and meat and sometimes fried rice, spaghetti or an oven dish. Nice and easy on the weekend.

What things do you keep in mind when shopping? E.g. diet, budget, offers, lifestyle, and so on.

I’m keeping an eye on costs at the moment. My husband is a meat lover but it has become quite expensive so I get less meat. Furthermore, we regularly eat the same thing because we like it, fortunately no diets or craziness here, so I pay particular attention to the prices and what is on offer.

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Which Budget Grocery Tip would you like to share with others?

If you have any leftovers, freeze. We can eat an evening meal 1 or 2 times a month.


If you were to win ‘1 minute free shopping’, which department in the supermarket would you run to first?

Then I would stock up on meat, the freezer full. This has become really expensive.

What can’t you resist and what would you never take from the supermarket?

They are back in the supermarket at the moment: those round Easter cookies, I can’t resist them! What I would never take with me is cat food, which I get from a shop in the village. Support your locals then they say.

Thank you for participating in Budget Groceries, Michelle! Nice to read how you approach shopping! Do you want to respond? I’d love to read your response in the comments Facebook or on Instagram! Do you also want to participate in this section? Send me an email or private message via social media, and I will send you information without obligation!

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