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What’s on your volleyball bucket list? Find out in our latest game: The Volleyball Bucket List!

How does it work?
Line up two teams against each other. Both teams get a sheet with what they can score with. You can download the sheet at the bottom of this page.

Both teams don’t know what to do about each other. Over time they will, but then they can adjust to that and that’s what you want as a coach: that your players are prepared!

When a task is completed, a cross can pass through it. If the players fulfill the same task and numbers again, they may cross off 1 other part. They can only do this once. The first team to complete all tasks wins.

Tip: Don’t run to this piece of paper every time you succeed in a task, because that takes the momentum out of the exercise. Have each player memorize an individual task and add up the numbers. Every now and then you take a time-out so that things can be checked off.
And then they also learn to communicate with each other.

Have fun!
PS: the first exercise that is NOT on the screen…;)

Download the sheet

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