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“A stylish, high-resolution webcam with automatic light correction to give you the perfect image on every video call.” According to the Logitech website. Getting a perfect picture with every video call is something that appeals to many nowadays with the many working from home. Whether this – and more – is correct, TechGirl will find out Suzanne for you!

The webcam can be obtained via the Logitech website and costs 79.99 euros at the time of writing. The connection to your laptop is via a USB-C cable. You can easily click the webcam on your screen through the mechanism behind it.

The BRIO300 – A stylish webcam with an eye for the environment

The webcam is available in the colors blue, white and pink. I myself have the pink version (which I was hoping for ;)). The webcams are made from a minimum of 48% recycled plastic, something I can only encourage. You can also immediately see from the appearance of the webcam that it is made of recycled plastic. That ‘recycled’ look is not quite my taste. I do think the color is nice and subtle, and a bit less standard than black!

A sliding cover is still attached to the webcam. You slide this open if you want to use the webcam, but you can also close it just as easily when you’re done. This way you can be sure that you will not be secretly watched when you are not using the webcam, which is nice.

The BRIO 300 in pink

Image quality of the BRIO 300

The BRIO 300 has a resolution of 30fps (Full HD). I do notice a difference with the webcam that is in the laptop itself (fortunately). The image is brighter and clearer, colors also stand out a bit more. You can still adjust a few things to the settings to make the image completely to your taste. See a comparison of my built-in webcam and the BRIO 300 below, and judge for yourself.

Difference between the built-in webcam (left) and the BRIO 300. In reality, the quality is higher than shown here due to the fact that files are compressed.

Sound quality

A (single) microphone is incorporated in the webcam. The range of this microphone is 122cm. The sound comes through clearly on the receiving end, so I’m definitely positive about this! The sound is also clearer than when I use the laptop’s microphone itself.



For a very affordable price you have a webcam that really makes a difference. The image is all just a bit sharper, and you can also customize this to taste. The microphone also works well in practice and it is an improvement over the microphone from your laptop. The fact that the webcam is produced more sustainably and is also available in colors other than standard black means that I am positively surprised by the BRIO 300!




Clear image

Available in different colours

Less positive

The ‘recycled’ look

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