Bringly launches new sustainable shipping platform with €1.5 million investment

The sustainable shipping platform for e-commerce uses the growth money for further (inter)national growth, platform development and network expansion.

Bringly helps brands throughout Europe to make their logistics more sustainable. This is done on the basis of its renewed platform that (web) shops, which puts together the most sustainable shipping methods. To this end, the company has developed a unique software solution that compiles the most sustainable delivery per package based on the most optimal route and the available capacity. At the moment, more than 100 different types of carriers in Europe are affiliated with Bringly.

“It is our mission to make the entire logistics chain more sustainable, transparent and future-proof. Based on our smart routing, allocation and split of the first, middle and last mile, every package can be delivered faster, more efficiently and in the most sustainable way.” Said Rajiv Laigsingh, CEO of Bringly. “We can claim that we can ship every package in the most sustainable way possible. This can be done from both stores and central distribution centers. Whether that means the last mile by bike or a consolidated delivery to a city hub, every CO2 saving within the logistics chain is one towards a better future. We are able to make the entire customer experience at webshops more sustainable and improve it.”

Bringly’s software solution makes it possible for e-commerce players – web shops and retailers – to split the entire delivery process from different stock locations on the basis of different carriers, in order to achieve more sustainable deliveries. Bringly’s algorithm monitors the available capacities and performance of connected carriers and couriers in real time. It then provides direct insights into the associated CO2 reduction in both the check-out of the webshop and the weekly report. Standard functionalities such as monitoring the SLAs, shipping rules, support, tracking and branding remain part of the renewed platform.

The Seed investment round was led by the Dutch fund Eyos Capital and the Polish SpeedUp Energy Innovation, which is part of the SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. In addition, existing investors such as Shamrock Ventures, Ponooc and various “angel” investors are also participating.

“We strongly believe that Bringly, thanks to its patented technology, has the potential to play a central role in the process of transforming the logistics segment from the last-mile delivery to a more transparent and sustainable future,” says Bartłomiej Gola , General Partner of SpeedUp Energy Innovation. “Moreover, Bringly combines it with enormous benefits for the connected carriers, as the solution from Bringly uses the transport flows and capacities of partners more efficiently. With this, Bringly helps them at a critical point in their activities that will determine the new standards in this specific market segment,” adds Gola.

With more than 300% growth in the past year, the start-up has already been able to achieve a major CO2 reduction together with leading and international clients such as the MediaMarkt, Dille & Kamille and Dyson. With this, Bringly is preparing for the forthcoming European legislation whereby web shops will be obliged to reduce CO2 emissions – also within their logistics operation. Bringly’s additional reporting makes it possible to measure, analyze and report the actual impact.

“Bringly is able to shake up a traditional market with its platform and software. Bringly makes it possible for large retailers and e-commerce players throughout Europe to make their entire logistics – from stores, hubs and distribution centers – more sustainable by using existing transport movements more efficiently among a diverse network of different carriers with different types of vehicles.” said Tommy Hurley, managing partner at Shamrock Ventures.

The new investment enables Bringly to further expand the platform and network of (sustainable) carriers in Europe, expand the team and further develop its own software and algorithms.

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